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Sweden ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ช

The Scandinavian country of Sweden is mainly known for its Swedish dishes and Ikea. But of course this country is much more than that. Just think of beautiful cities such as Stockholm, Malmรถ and Gothenburg. The country has a very diverse nature with glaciers, coastal islands and beautiful lakes. But also a very simple but delicious kitchen. Sweden is also a country with two faces. One in the summer and one in the winter. This country is very suitable for hikers and cyclists in summer and in winter for skiers and other winter sports. A city trip to this Scandinavian country in Europe is certainly not a bad idea.




If you want to go to Sweden in the summer, it is recommended to travel between June and August. The weather is then more pleasant and warmer. Do you want to go to this country for a winter holiday? Then it is best to go between December and April.


A plane ticket to Sweden is no longer that expensive. You can already find a single ticket of 20 euros to Stockholm or a ticket of 70 euros to Malmรถ. These prices of course depend on the season. But after a good search you will never pay more than 150 euros for a ticket. The flight time to Sweden is between 2 and 4 hours. You fly directly to this country with Rynair, Brussels Airlines, Wizz and SAS.


The price for an accommodation in Sweden is of course very dependent on the location. But in a city like Stockholm you can already find a decent hotel room from 60 euros for a night including breakfast. And with an Airbnb this is even possible from 25 euros per night, but without breakfast. Always check where your hotel or airbnb is located. Because sometimes this can be very remote, so you spend more on transport.

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Stockholm street scene


The way to explore Sweden is undoubtedly by public transport. This is so well organized in this country that you can get everywhere without a car and that in a reasonably good time and at a reasonable price. It is best to buy a charging card for the train, metro and bus. They belong to the same company and your card is valid for any of these modes of transport. You will sometimes need a ferry in addition to the bus and train. Especially in a city like Stockholm that consists of several islands. If you decide to go by car, keep in mind that you always fill up on time, because in Sweden it is sometimes more difficult to find a gas station. Furthermore, you have no paid roads in Sweden, but only a few paid bridges. However, it is not worth avoiding these bridges. Because driving around will eventually cost you more in petrol.


Sweden is known for its traditional meatballs served with potatoes and red currants. In addition, fish is common as well as pastries. Most dishes are winter dishes of a decent portion. You can eat well and a lot here. In addition to traditional dishes, you will also find all kinds of international cuisines. Going to a restaurant is no more expensive than in Belgium. You pay European prices that are usually between 14 and 20 euros for an evening meal. Drinks are slightly more expensive, especially alcohol.


Sweden is located in Europe, but they do not pay with euros. They pay with Swedish crowns. But you can pay easily with your credit card. Watch out! Some banks require you to activate the “pay abroad” function. You can often do this yourself in the banking app, but it is best to check this before departure. In almost every restaurant you can pay with Bancontact. Even more! You can also pay with your card on public transport. Or you can charge a transport card for train, metro and bus and pay for your transport safely in Sweden. You do not have to withdraw cash for your trip to Sweden. There are ATM’s everywhere, but you might as well never have to pay cash anywhere. So your credit card is sufficient. Very easy and safe!


Documents and VACCINES

Sweden is located in Europe, so you do not have to apply for additional documents as a European. Your identity card is also valid here. The same applies to your driving license. This is also valid and is accepted by the local car rental companies. You don’t need any specific vaccines for a trip to Sweden.


Sweden only has paid roads in and around the cities of Stockholm and Gothenburg. In addition, the Oresund Bridge, which makes the connection between Sweden and Denmark, is also charged. The toll bridges Motala and Sundsvall are also charged. There are various options for paying these rates. In advance or on the spot and cash or with your credit card.

Internet in Sweden

Sweden is a modern country. In most places in Sweden you can also use free WiFi. You can find this in bars, restaurants, hotels and even in some museums. You can also simply use your 4G connection (roaming costs have been abolished within Europe). Although this does not always work well on, for example, the islands around Stockholm.