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United Kingdom 🇬🇧

When you think of the United Kingdom, you automatically think of London. One of the most popular city trips to do in Europe. Unfortunately, this country no longer belongs to Europe, but we still include it in this category. Of course, The United Kingdom is more than London. For example, Manchester, Stonehenge and even Lake Loch Ness are worth a visit. Because as you will know the United Kingdom is actually a combination of 3 parts of the country. England, Scotland and Wales. We ourselves only visited England at the moment, but the other parts of the country are definitely on our list of countries we want to visit.


USEFUL FACTS about the United Kingdom


You can fly to the United Kingdom and you can do that for an average of 50 euros per person. Of course this is very dependent on the period. For example, you will pay a little more for a ticket in the Christmas period than in the summer. Flying to Great Britain is mainly done to London and Manchester. A good alternative and also an easier option is of course taking the train to London. A train ticket is also around 50 euros on average for a ticket. But here too it depends on the season. You can of course also take the ferry, where the prices start at a 35 euro the man. Or you can easily go by car through the Eurotunnel.


The means of transport in the UK are perhaps the best known means of transport in the world. Especially if you think about the yellow taxis of New York. Because who doesn’t know those famous red buses or traditional old black taxis. Which now also belong to the street scene of this country. Taxis that are not cheap, however. But that is not a problem either, because Britain has one of the best public transports we know. And especially in London where you can charge an Oyster card and travel at a very affordable rate by tube and bus. We saw almost all the beautiful places in London for just under 10 euros in transport. Not bad in our opinion.

ACCOMMODATION IN the United Kingdom

Great Britain can be cheap but also very expensive, especially if you go to London. In London you will find hotel rooms from 45 euros per night, in some seasons this can be slightly lower. You can find an Airbnb for a decent room from 20 euros per night. For hostels in London you can get about the same price. But before we really want to do it cheaply, take a camping on the outskirts of London. You would think that these are not there … But nothing is further from the truth, via this link you can read all about it. For the big cities in this country you can actually expect almost the same prices and for the smaller cities you can deduct 5 euros from the above prices everywhere.

Transport in London United Kingdom
The streets of Londen