Everyone likes to go out. Preferably of all we prefer to get out that are fun, but not too expensive. Do you agree with this? Read on! Here we give you 5 unique tips to plan your trip as cheaply as possible. These tips can save you a lot of money on your next outing!


1 Groupon

Do you like trips to amusement parks and zoos or do you like to go to the wellness? Do you often find these trips very expensive? Then Groupon comes up with the solution! This website offers unique discounts for all kinds of trips, even abroad! For example, you can book hotels or get off on holiday at bargain prices. Another website that offers such nice discounts is Holiday Auctions. Here you can bid on all kinds of trips, hotels, products and so much more. So it can of course be that you can buy a nice trip for a dirt cheap price. It’s also nice to buy a trip at Groupon or Holiday Auctions as a gift for someone else! We’d make you very happy with it.

2 Day Pass

If you are planning to visit many tourist attractions,such as museums or (attraction) parks, you can check whether a day pass and/or week pass is valid. With such an access pass, for example, you can access several museums in one day. We bought a three-day pass in Los Angeles and this saved us a lot of money on getting out. The price of such an access card is usually slightly higher than the entry price of the most expensive exit. So there’s no doubt that you’ll benefit if you want to see a lot in a few days’ time.

3 Season

If you can, plan your way out of certain seasons. For example, it is often more expensive to go to certain theme parks during holiday periods. Also in the hot summer months, some trips are more expensive. Think of a weekend at the sea. If you can, plan your trip outside of holiday periods and holidays. It not only saves you money, but it will also be considerably quieter.


4 Parking

Without the fact that you might know, the parking of your favorite trip can also be a bite out of your budget. Therefore, do not park in the parking lot of a theme park itself, but just stand outside it (if possible). The parking of (most) parks often costs a lot of money. It can quickly save you 10 euros.

5 Packed lunch

There are many people who never bring their own food or drinks when they go out. Granted, it’s easier to buy food and drink on the spot but it will cost you (much) more money. We usually choose to bring (a little) food and drink ourselves when we take a trip. Definitely making a packed lunch in advance and taking it has already saved us a lot of pennies.

Tips to plan your trip as cheaply as possible

These 5 tips to plan your trip as cheaply as possible, we always apply ourselves when we go out. These tips have already saved us a lot of money and hopefully they can help you with your next outing. With the money saved you can plan another trip! Do you have any more tips for us that you always apply yourself to make your trip as cheap as possible? Let us know for sure via the comments below. Every week we like to give you new savings tips. See you next week!

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