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    5 Tips to Avoid Travel Fatigue

    5 Tips to Avoid Travel Fatigue

    As we are currently making a long journey through Mexico and America,

      today we are giving 5 tips to avoid fatigue on the trip. Travelling long can be exhausting and especially if you make a whole journey of several months, like us. Fatigue can start with a long flight, but we wrote a message about that earlier. Now we’d like to give you 5 golden tips you can apply to make you travel less tired. Less fatigue, is more fun!

    1 Not too much

    Try not to see too much in a short time. Don’t plan your days too full,because you may be able to see a lot, but you won’t last long. It is better to see less in a good condition than a lot, but not be able to experience everything intensively due to the fatigue. So we had a week to see the
    National Parks
    in America. If we wanted this, we could have seen all of these. Only we would have been on the road all the time and couldn’t find any real peace and therefore not really enjoy this wonderful nature. Now we have only seen two parks, but we enjoyed this very much! If you want to see too much at once, you run the chance not to enjoy anymore and that’s a shame.

    2 Longer in one place

    In fact, this tip fits in with our first tip against fatigue on the trip. Stay in one location a little longer and unwind. For example, after one month of travelling through Mexico, we were very happy to be able to unwind for ten days in Sayulita.

    A quiet and small place in Mexico where time doesn’t matter and where you can just enjoy sun, sea and beach. We didn’t come across many new things there, but we certainly succeeded. And we needed that energy for America, too.

    3 Indulge yourself

    Spoiling yourself is also a good way to unwind and thus avoid fatigue. Why don’t you go and have a nice dinner or watch a fun show? Or go to a wellness like us or get massaged. Even going to the hairdresser can be relaxing. Also taking a slightly more expensive and luxurious hotel, can certainly not hurt from time to time. What’s more, we even recommend this. Because how convenient and cheap an airbnb is, in a hotel you really come to rest. Especially if there is a swimming pool or sauna available. All this isn’t really budget travel, but it does allow you to travel longer because you can recharge your energy in time. Are you looking for a cheap hotel? Be sure to check out our tips for booking this cheaper.

    4 Rest day

    What we often do is to take a fixed rest day during the week. This is a day when you’re not doing anything. Or just what you want, as long as it’s quiet. The most important thing about a day like this is that you stick to it. A body needsthis. Contrary to popular belief, traveling can sometimes be stressful and exhausting. Travelling long is not the same as going on holiday. Long journeys drain your body more often instead of recharging your energy. That’s why we take a rest one day a week. This is a good tip if you think you are travelling for more than two weeks. If you travel less, one rest day can be enough.

    5 Routine

    The last tip against fatigue on the trip is one that we sometimes struggle with ourselves, namely routine. If there is routine in your life (and also on a trip!) your body does not have to adapt continuously and so you can avoid fatigue. For example, it is better to go to sleep on time every day and get up at the same hour. We like to live in the evening and sleep a little longer, so that it sometimes differs every day when we get up or go to sleep. Also every day around the same hour food, we do not succeed well. However, it is better to keep an eye on this during long journeys as it can affect your energy. So try to stick to (a few) habits during your long journey.

    Fatigue on the road

    These were our 5 tips to avoid fatigue on the trip. These tips were mainly intended for travel. In everyday life there are of course even more tips that you can apply to reduce fatigue. If you have any other tips, we would like to hear them in the comments or on our Facebook page.

    Next Tuesday a new load of tips to make your next trip more pleasant!

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