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    7 tips to get through your flight!

    7 tips to get through your flight!

    On Friday we will take a plane to the beautiful Mexico. And since this is a long flight, we were looking for ways to   get through this flight. We now like to share these ways with you in the form of 7 tips to get through your flight. Of course these are ways that work for us. Maybe you have other tips… You can always let us know in the comments!

    1. Equipment

    The time when you had to get dressed to catch a flight is long gone! So don’t do this, and certainly not on a flight that lasts longer than 4 hours. Of course, everyone decides this for themselves. Because not everyone likes to parade through the airport with a jog. But then you have to ask yourself what you think is most important. Either spend a few hours jogging at the airport and nok discomfort on the plane, or walk nicely through the departure hall but sit 10 hours uncomfortably on the plane. With us, the choice is made quickly!

    2. Gadgets

    Think carefully about your hand luggage and put some gadgets in it. Such as an external battery for your smartphone or earphones to listen to music (always bring one extra pair just to be sure). What we always take on a long flight is a neck pillow and eye flaps because this makes sleeping much easier.

    Also a blanket or earplugs   is definitely not a bad idea!

    3. Read book

    a book
    is something we love to do and especially during a long   flight. Time passes much faster. Of course if you’ve read a book, you’ve read it and it’s no use to you on the way back or on holiday. And dragging two books is a waste of weight. A tip may be that you and your travel partner are looking for two books that you like together! Then you can switch for the return trip. A second option is ‘Kindle’,an application on which you can read ebooks. No weight and sometimes cheaperyourself, very very convenient! A puzzle booklet is also a nice opportunity to entertain you for a few hours.

    4. Netflix

    “Netflix?” I hear you asking. Yes, Netflix! Many people don’t know that if you download the Netflix application you can just watch during your flight. And even very easy. You only need to download all the episodes you want to see at home with your Wi-Fi. Please note that you will download your out-and-return episodes at once. Because if you do this abroad you have a completely different offer in another language. Are you still looking for a fun series for your long flight? Take a look here.

    5. Board games

    We love board games and play them during our flights. Of course you can’t play ‘monopoly’ or ‘goose board’ on the plane, but a simple card game is sure to work! We are especially fans of Uno and The game. What you can also do to save space is put a game on your smartphone in advance and hold a competition in it.

    6. Plan your trip during your flight

    If your trip is not yet fully planned and you don’t know yet which excursions you are going to make, it can be fun and also useful that you continue planning your holiday or trip during the flight. Time flies (do you have it?) and you don’t lose time on location. So it’s just benefits.   You can easily do this by bringing a travel guide and your calendar. What you can also do is laptop that you have then filled with documents in advance.

    7. Walk around and drink enough

    Sometimes walk around, go to the toilet, for example. Or just stand up and stretch your legs. Because sitting still in your chair for a very long time   is not advisable. This is not only   unpleasant but also bad for your circulation. Exercise is healthy and especially when you sit still for a few hours! Also enough drinking is necessary during a flight. You dry out faster during a flight than on the ground. So don’t forget this.

    How do you get through your flight?

    How do you get through your flight? What tricks or remedies do you use? We’d love to hear it in the comments. Extra tips are more than welcome! Do you want to follow us on our travels? You can do this via our travel blog,


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