In Belgium, everyone probably knows the ghost town doel near Beveren. And maybe you’ve been there before? Or just not? Read here why this place is so special to visit and a little to‘freak out’.

Ancient history

We went to Doel to see how the most famous ‘ghost town’ of Belgium is doing. We went there once when we were younger, but we were wondering if anything had changed over the last few years. The goal has (often) appeared in the news because of sabotages with the nuclear power plant and the deflating of the village. The goal itself has been around for centuries and it is not surprising that many inhabitants did not want to leave their village voluntarily. Expropriations were illegal, so it was waiting for voluntary leavers, and that led to protests. To date, there are still people living in Doel, but of course there are very few of them.

ghost town Doel the church tower
Ghost Town Doel with our travel blog
Target in Antwerp

Ghost town or not?

Since there are still people living in Doel, it is not quite aghost town. Actually, the name ‘ghost town’ is already wrong since Doel is a village. Nevertheless, it has become known by people mainly by that first name since more and more people moved out of the village because of the gigantic nuclear power plant that is nearby and the port expansion that still takes place. Yet there are still people living in this village. We ourselves have only seen about 5 houses that are still inhabited during our visit. Most houses are empty and protected from crackerswith iron plates. Because in recent years the empty houses in Doel were eagerly used and this had to stop.

Interesting place ghost town target

Maybe you’re wondering why we find the ghost town of Doel such an interesting place? It’s one just fascinating to go to this place. The road to it is special as you have to drive through an industrial zone, all the way to a corner of Belgium. As your Goal progresses, it only gets quieter and quieter on the track until you (usually) arrive alone in the village.

The silence and the ‘scary‘ rob you a little at the first impression to this village. It is particularly calm and remarkably deserted. Bus stops are old and half demolished, houses are daubed with graffiti and there is no human being on the street. An abandoned place like you don’t see anywhere else in our country. You feel like you’re having moments even on an American movie set. And yet Doel also has something interesting and beautiful.

The whole history of the village is fascinating, as are the people who still live there. They really fight for their home and village and you can only respect that. Furthermore, we find Doel a beautiful place to take pictures. You don’t suffer from other people who can get in the way and you’ll find places that no one else will ever find. Unique photos guaranteed! And of course it’s an oasis of calm (admittedly today, after the Pokemon fuss!). You can walk along the dike with a view of the water and be‘away from the world’.

And of course you can also‘freak out’a bit. We had goosebumps several times in some places. Why that is, we cannot explainourselves well … If you really want to freak out, you can also visit Doel in the evening, but we don’t recommend that. During the day, it can be “creepy” enough.

street-art in the ghost town doel
Target in Antwerp

Have you been to the ghost town of Doel?

Have you ever been to the ghost town of Doel? Has it been years? Or haven’t you been there before? Then you should (go back)! It is without a doubt a special place in Belgium.

Don’t you like to freak out? There are other city trips we can recommend! Stay informed about our excursions and travel via Facebook. Until then!

Birdhouse in the ghost town of Doel
Drone footage of the ghost town of Target

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