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    Win! Win a €25 Netflix Gift Card! (Ended)

    Win! Win a €25 Netflix Gift Card! (Ended)

    Past (winner: Karen De Hooghe)


    Netflix makes our trip much more beautifulon the go! What many don’t know is that you can also look offline. You only need to download them at home with your Wi-Fi before you leave. We always do this ourselves! We are therefore pleased that we can give away a union of 25 euros through this way.
    you can see some series or movies that you can see with this price. (Or just watch, you should already be at Netflix)


    All you have to do to win this prize is fill out the form below. And tell us why you have to win this Netflix receipt. Be original! Who knows, you might win this Nice voucher!

    The winner

    The winner will be announced on Monday 18 December. This will be done on our
    social media
    as well as via mail. We will contact you for the shipment of the bottle. A selection of the 20 best or best answers is made according to us. These names all go together in the pot and then the winner is drawn with the innocent hand of Sigrid.

    No luck this time? No problem! There’s more games coming up. You can already see
    there is no other prize to be won.

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