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    4 Tips to Avoid arguing on holiday

    4 Tips to Avoid arguing on holiday

    How is it that couples argue the most on holiday? In our opinion, this is due to accumulated stress throughout the year that comes loose when we can relax on a trip. If couples then disagree on something, for example an outing that one wants to make and the other doesn’t, they want to gettheir way here. Because holidays fill everyone in differently and has therefore become ‘sacred’ for most. If that personal holiday interpretation is then threatened, we can react hostilely and a fight ensues. Is this recognizableto you? Read the tips below to avoid arguing on holiday in the future.

    Tips against arguing on holiday

    1 Appointments

    The best thing to avoid, in all cases, quarrels is to make good appointments. So you can do this before you leave on holiday with your partner. It’s best to even make arrangements about simple things like who’s going to cook, how many museums you’re going to visit and who’s driving the rental car. By discussing this in advance you not only save time on location itself, but also a lot of (unnecessary) discussions. Of course you can’t make an appointment about everything, but it helps to do this about certain things already. For example, we agree in advance what we want to visit and who will drive where and for how long. We know that this can cause stress and we try to avoid that.

    2 Interests

    Of course, on holiday you make the least of the arguments when you think the same about a lot of things. Having the same interests is certainly useful not only in everyday life, but also on holiday. If this is the case between you and your partner, it is easy to plan your holiday from your interests. If you don’t have the same interests, it’s harder but you can also come to a compromise. Make a list of your favorite activities on the trip and let your partner do the same. Then let each other choose a lot of activities that the other person is also (more or less) open to. Make sure you have done both your activities and your partner’s on holiday and it may be a successful holiday.

    3 Separate

    You don’t always have to spend time together when you are on holiday for a longer period of time. It may be that your partner wants to do something separately. Respect that and let it be allowed. Of course, you can’t always be apart on holiday, but you should be able to spend a few hours alone. Those few hours apart can also make you think for a moment and thus avoid a (future) fight on holiday.

    4 Enjoy

    Enjoyment is of course the most important thing on holiday. But how do you do that, enjoy? We enjoy holidays when we feel good with each other and we do activities we like. Feeling good together is essential to make less of a fight. So when you’re enjoying yourself, you’re less likely to argue. So don’t forget to relax on holiday, and be a little less strict with yourself and your partner. And above all: try to laugh a lot and enjoy together!

    Avoid quarrel on holiday

    These are 4 simple tips that you can apply to make your holiday a lot more pleasant. Because fighting on holiday is definitely not fun! From now on, you will travel without even one fight!

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