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    3 Reasons Why You Should Go to the Holiday Salon in Antwerp

    3 Reasons Why You Should Go to the Holiday Salon in Antwerp

    From 25 to 28 January 2018, the 40th edition of the Holiday Salon in Antwerp Expo will take place. With its 400 exhibitors this is the largest holiday fair in Belgium and we are also on it this year! The Holiday Salon is the ideal place to get inspiration for your next trip. It is a place where every traveler finds his liing. Both adventurous solo travellers and family travellers have plenty of options. You can score the best deals for your holiday, and that in itself is worth going there.

    1. Something for everyone

    The Holiday Salon is divided into several zones. So you have Activityland there for the active traveler. Here you can find all kinds of active holidays. You also have B&B-land where you can get acquainted with operators of various B&B’s and Campingland, Cruiseland and Motorland for lovers of this kind of travel. In addition, there is the Bloggers zone with all talented bloggers who write about their passion: travel. Many bloggers already have some experience with travel and travel tips and can therefore give you very useful information. In Homeland you can find nice deals for holidays and weekends away at home. Finally, there is also a zone of Ecotourism. This zone is suitable for people who like to work for a more beautiful world. For example, you will find volunteering that suits you perfectly. There is also a lot of entertainment, such as an escape room and a stage where you can watch international dances. This year there are also workshops of different stands on a particular theme. In short, for every traveller there is an interesting zone at the Holiday Salon in Antwerp!

    2. The best deals

    At the Holiday Salon you will get inspiration for your next travel destination. You will undoubtedly find your ideal holiday destination. In addition, with the help of the professional exhibitors,you can find the best formula for your dream holiday. By searching, talking and comparing you will find the best deal for your holiday. You can also try to participate in the various actions that certain exhibitors propose and who knows you will just win your next holiday!

    3. Win actions

    At the Holiday Salon you can also find us, Roadtrippers of the Sun, on the Bloggerszone where you can ask us all your questions and take a unique look at our website and our inspiration book. If that’s not enough, you can also win a basket with all the nice gadgets you can use on a trip. Well worth it to pass with us!

    Free to the holiday salon in Antwerp

    For more information, please visit the website of the Holiday Salon in Antwerp. Soon we will also be giving away 10 tickets for the Holiday Salon. So be sure to keep an eye on our page! Who knows, you may go to the best holiday event of the year for free!



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