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    Holiday photos cherish in 2017

    Holiday photos cherish in 2017

    Do you take a lot of pictureson holiday? And do you find it so difficult to find a suitable ‘place’ for it afterwards? Read our tips here to make the most of your photos and cherish your most beautiful photos so they don’t get lost!

    Erase your failed holiday photos

    We take an average of about 500 photosper holiday, of which of course only about 50 are really useful. Sometimes we don’t really know what to do with all these pictures. They take up quite a lot of storage on our computer and they take a lot of time to view them all. Here’s one golden tip:If you’ve taken a photo and it’s failed or you’re not 100 satisfied with the result, delete it right away. So take a picture over and over again until you are really satisfied with the result. It saves you a lot of select work afterwards! And you’re never going to use a failed picture.

    Upload photos to Google Photos

    If you have an account with Google,you can upload your holiday photos to Google Photos. You can also download a program that always backs up all the photos on your computer. So it’s handy to keep track of your photos at a remote location. This can be useful when your computer crashes. We use this tool for all our photos. It is for us a kind of database from which we can start taking pictures at any time.

    Photo book taking holiday photos

    We are in favour of an‘old school’way of keeping photos, namely making a photo book. We love looking in photo books that our family has kept up over the years, that we now do this ourselves. For our next generation but also for ourselves. For example, we always have a tangible product that we can browse in when we want to reminisce. It is now that you have to capture it! Nevertheless, we find all the cutting and pasting that comes with it quite a chore. In 2017 it may be a little more modern, we think. That’s why we had our last holidays made online photo books. Would you like to put your memories in a photo book? Look at You can easily get started with their own program and they also offer the possibility to have photo gifts made for your loved ones. Maybe an original idea for Christmas? On this website there are endless possibilities and a big plus is the fast delivery at your home. Useful!

    Would you like more tips? Or would you rather get started right away for your online photo book? Let us know what your tips are to keep track of and cherish your photos. We are curious!

    Photo book holiday photos

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