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    13 Things for your luggage that are indispensable when traveling

    13 Things for your luggage that are indispensable when traveling

    When you travel there are always things that you take with you but don’t really seem to need at your destination. Recognizable? We list 13 things in your luggage that will make the difference on your trip and make your travel a lot more enjoyable. These are things that, for us, are indispensable to take with us. Check if you have them in your luggage!

    1 Camera

    A good camera is obviously a must if, like us, you are crazy about taking pictures. Even if you don’t like taking photos, a camera can be useful for reminiscing later. We don’t really save on a good camera as we notice the difference between a lower quality camera or a better quality camera. It is especially important that you buy the right camera for your kind of photography. But any camera is definitely indispensable on your upcoming trip.

    2 Slot

    What we also take with us as standard is an extra lock for, for example, to securely seal our luggage. You may have a built-in lock on your suitcase, but that can break down quickly (unfortunately we know from experience). And then it’s really convenient that you have a spare lock with you. You can buy such a slot for a few euros in different shops. So it’s not a big investment, but it can make your trip more enjoyable and safer.

    3 Travel diary

    Nothing is as annoying as coming back from your trip and not knowing what you did when. Once you’ve seen or done what day, you can forget about what day you saw or did. That’s how it should be on holiday! But it’s nice if you’ve written down a few things from your trip every day so you can read back later. Writing down nice or funny details is also a must. This way, when you read your diary, you get that feeling again from that time. It doesn’t have to be a very thick book in which you write down, but just your calendar or even a small notepad is enough. Of course it can also be done by means of a photo book (afterwards) but then you should write down the right dates and anecdotes already. Fun guaranteed afterwards!

    4 Card reader

    You could be able to make a lot of payments via your smartphone. But it could also be that on certain websites you may come across extra security so that you can only transfer money or paysomething with the use of a card reader. We experienced this when we got sick on the road. Since then, we have been taking our digital card reader with us on a journey!

    5 Universal travel adapter

    If you travel a lot like us to other parts of the world,then it is useful to purchase a universal travel plug or adapter. Nothing is more convenient than having them on the spot! For example, you don’t have to take into account where you’re travelling every time and whether or not you can charge your electronics there. We have several of these plugs as we also use them very often. We can’t live without it!

    6 Digital luggage scale

    Coolgift’s digital luggage scale is a very useful tool to take with you on a trip. It weighs your luggage very precisely. The device itself weighs nothing and is very small so it is handy to stick in your suitcase so that you can also measure the weight of your luggage before you return home. Handy if you want to bring lots of souvenirs just like us!

    7 Medication

    If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our great world trip , it’s that medication is indispensable. On all your travels! We already made a complete checklist for your luggage so that you certainly don’t forget anything about medication. Don’t forget to bring a drug passport. You can ask your GP and make sure that you also legally take the medication you take if they are on prescription. It’s an important piece of evidence that you’d better have some copies of.

    8 Sunscreen

    Something we always take with us to our destinations is sunscreen. Usually we travel to sunny destinations and then a few tubes of sunscreen are not an unnecessary luxury. Even to less sunny destinations we always take this with us. Admittedly a less high factor,but without a layer we usually do not go out the door. This item should certainly not be missing from our luggage.

    9 Earplugs

    Nothing is more annoying than starting your flight with people making a lot of noise. That’s why earplugs from the beginning of your trip come in handy right away. Also to be able to sleep,we sometimes use earplugs. Because unfortunately not all hotels or other nights are equally quiet.

    10 Headphones

    Outside of earbuds, we also always bring headphones/earphones to listen to music on the go. On many long-haul flights, there are also built-in TVs where your ears can come in handy to watch a movie. Also for Netflix to be able to watch on the go, we use these. So it’s indispensable to take with you on a journey!

    11 Mint or chewing gum

    Not only to have less pressure on your ears on the planewhen taking off , but also just for a breath of fresh air, we take coins or chewing gum with us everywhere. Don’t forget to put this in your hand luggage.

    12 Memory card

    Because we like to take a lot of photos on our trips, it is appropriate to provide an additional memory card for our smartphone or an extra memory for our laptop. If we don’t do this, we’re going to soon be suffering with a crowded memory. Very annoying travelling and easy to get around by thinking of an extra memory card before departure.

    13 Documents

    We can’t stress it enough but it’s really hugely important to take a copy of ALL your important documents and take them in your luggage. This goes from travel insurance papers to your airline tickets to your IDENTITY card. You can’t bring enough copies of your travel documents. It may be the most important item in your suitcase.

    What do you take with you or what is indispensable to you

    What do you always carry in your luggage and is volgnes indispensable to you? Let us know via the comments!

    For those who are leaving soon to travel, we already made the most complete checklist for luggage. So you definitely don’t forget to bring anything in your suitcase!

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