Everyone knows Monaco and everyone has a certain view of this country. After all, that’s what we can call Monaco. It is the smallest country, after Vatican City, in the world. When we were there, it reminded us more of one big city. To make it easier, we will call Monaco a‘state’. This state is known for luxury, cars, football, imposing buildings and of course the world famous casino Monte Carlo. Curious what else Monaco has to offer that you didn’t know yet? We’ll tell you!

1.Port of Monaco

If you’re looking for the biggest, most impressive yachts in the world, you’ve come to the right place. You really can’t believe your eyes here. They are the most luxurious yachts we have ever seen that build here. You must have seen this in Monaco!

Here you can find even more information about imposing yachts.

2.Monte Carlo Casino

At first glance, the Monte Carlo Casino doesn’t seem to be really accessible to tourists. There are several doormen at the entrance and most tourists take pictures outside in front of the building. However, we wanted to take a look inside (to share this with you!) and this was unexpectedly very simple. The doormen just ask to open your bag and then you walk right in. Inside the building is really magnificent. The great hall is impressive with attention to detail.


3.Pierre Marcolini ice creams

Honestly, we just ate at the McDonalds of Monaco in the afternoon because the other addresses were one overpriced and two not really accessible. It wasn’t easy to find a restaurant where you didn’t have to be fully dressed up. When our energy levels dropped in earnest, we didn’t have to think long about getting into McDonald’s. But we did have our dessert ‘chic ร  la Monaco‘. We came across an ice cream stall with ice creams from the famous chocolatier Pierre Marcolini. We couldn’t resist this, they all looked delicious! We tasted the chocolate ice cream and the caramal noisette. Our preference is entirely for the caramel noisette. Really over-delicious! You pay 6 euros for a small pot, but for the caramal noisette we like that over.



There are also 2 impressive sculpturesat the port of Monaco. For other art to spot you have to be inside the many beautiful buildings. Although every building in Monaco is also a work of art in itself.



Almost every building in Monaco exudes luxury and every building makes you curious to look inside. The exclusive shops on Monte Carlo Square are also vested in a stylish and modern building. In Monte Carlo you can walk around for hours just by ‘watching’.


5.Champions Promenade

The Champions Promenade is like a Walk of Fame. Here footballers are immortalized who have won the Golden Foot. This is an award for the best footballers in the world with a minimum age of 29. Nice to know: the only goalkeeper currently immortalized there is our own Jean-Marie Pfaff! He is the only one who does not have a footprint but a handprint on the Promenade.


6.Spotting cars

The most expensive,most exclusive cars you can spot in Monaco. For the car enthusiast it is a true paradise. Especially on the square of Monte Carlo you can see cars you’ve never seen before. Luxury on top!


A visit to Monaco is therefore well worth it if you love pomp and pageantry. You make this day as expensive as you want. Tip: Come by train and leave your car at home. Not all cars are allowed to drive in Monaco, and the train is easy to take. This stops 15 minutes walk from Monte Carlo. While walking you already get a first impression of the mundane Monaco!

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