2020 has been going on for a while and secretly we can’t wait for the summer again. The cold winter months are not our best friend and that’s why we like to make plans for the warm summers. And when you think of summer, you think of swimwear. At least, we do. The latest swimwear trends of 2020 are to be enjoyed and will no doubt make you long for that hot summer on an exotic beach. What’s your favorite trend?

Opt for sustainability

We don’t hide it under chairs or sofas, but swimwear is our favourite attire. Perhaps the exotic destinations we visit have a lot to do with that. There are a few brands that get our absolute preference when looking at quality, price, choice of materials, durability and style. One of the brands we invariably choose is Protest. Not just for swimwear, by the way, because Protest has more to offer. It is a sustainable brand that has everything in-house for the stylish sportsenthusiasts among us. And sustainable is a trend that in 2020 will increasingly take the upper hand in the choice of our (swimming) clothing and also travel.

swimwear trends
swimwear trends of 2020

Swimwear trends for women

From bandeau bikinis to triangle bikinis, 2020 is the year that all shapes, shapes and sizes come back in the collections of all swimwear brands. And that’s a good thing because choosing is losing in this case! For women there will also be more choice in high waist bikinis and swimwear with a message on. Our personal favorite are the neon-colored and the velvet pieces. Very trendy and chic at the same time. Extra plus: you will definitely stand out at the pool, beach or in the sea.

Swimwear trends for men

New trends can be seen not only for women’s swimwear. There are also a lot of novelties to discover for men. So color is a must this summer and also pink is all in for men. And all this with crazy prints from palm trees to different geometric figures. At Protest they go one step further and have even designed swimming trunks with drone photos of a beach as a print. Very innovative! On the other hand, you also have the vintage style that comes back. So plenty of choice if you don’t like eye-catching prints or colours.

swimwear trends of 2020
Protest Men's Collection

Discount code

Especially for you we have a discount code of 10 on your next purchase at Protest. Enter roadtrippers10 at checkout and your discount will be processed immediately. This discount is valid until 30 June 2020. So you can buy your favorite bikini, swimsuit, swimsuit or other garment cheaper and soon shine on holiday.

To show you the latest trends in swimwear, we’d also like to refer you to our Instagram page. You can always give us a follow-up there to keep following our adventures.

swimwear trends Protest
Surfer Protest
Swimwear beach protest

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