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    5 tips for having less weight in your suitcase

    5 tips for having less weight in your suitcase

    Nowadays, the rules on baggage are only getting stricter and stricter. Especially with the cheap airlines. But of course it is not always easy to take only 20 kg with you if you leave for months on the trip. Although we have to admit honestly that sometimes we can’t even limit ourselves to 20 kg for a week’s holiday. That’s why we always use these tips to have less weight in your suitcase.

    Less weight in your suitcase

    1 Make a list

    The most important thing to save weight in your suitcase is actually make a list in advance. On this list you will write all the much needed things you will take on a trip. And when you pack, you don’t deviate from this list. Because if you do, you’re going to automatically pack more than you need to. Be strict with yourself and ask the question “Do I really need this?”.

    2 Choose the right suitcase

    In fact, everything starts with the proper case. It must therefore not only be practically classified, but also not weigh too much. Of course you have to go for quality, but often fabric suitcases are much lighter compared to hard suitcases and actually easier to use. This tip may seem simple, but it can sometimes be up to 3 kilograms with a hard case.

    3 See that everything fits together

    Make sure all the clothes you bring together fittogether. This way you make sure that you can put on many more different combinations without dragging a lot of extra clothes that don’t fit with anything. It can help to prepare and load sets in advance. It will not only save you weight in your suitcase but also a lot of time when choosing your outfit.

    4 Wash your clothes

    Washing your clothes while travelling is almost essential if you are going to travel for a longer period of time. However, this is not so difficult. All you really need is a travel washing line, washing powder and a sink. Although nowadays in most hotels and even Airbnb’s you can have your clothes washed. Checking this option in advance may not be a bad idea. We ourselves have had this done a few times in an Airbnb and that was always super easy!

    5 Don’t bring too many products

    Don’t carry too many products in your luggage and certainly not if you travel to slightly poorer countries. Because these products often weigh something and are actually perfectly available in most countries. And often even cheaper too. We mainly think of products such as toothpaste, shampoo and shower gel. Do you not trust these products in other countries? Then you can also buy small bottles to pour in your favorite shampoo before departure. Although this doesn’t help on a long journey. We ourselves always buy our products such as shampoo and toothpaste on location and are always very satisfied with that.

    Less weight in your suitcase? What are you doing?

    What do you do to travel with less weight in your suitcase? Let us know for sure in the comments of on our Facebook page.

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