Recently we went for a weekend away to Sluis in the Netherlands. “Why the hell go there?” you might think. Why we think Sluis is a very nice town, you will find out here! Discover the 4 assets of the beautiful Lock in the Netherlands and who knows, this might be your next weekend away!

1. Walking

Sluis is located in the province of Zeeland, near Cadzand. In both cities you can fill a full day with beautiful walks. Sluis has both a (small) centre where you can walk, combine with shopping, and an outside edge. Here you should mainly look for the ramparts area,more known as the Red Light District of Lock. Here are some walking and cycling trails that are worth while if you like walking in nature. Cadzand has been put away earlier for lovers of the sea and beach. You can walk down the dike to the Zwin. Actually, the whole area around Sluis is beautifully vast and this area definitely invites you to walk.

Lock in Netherlands church
Lock in The Netherlands the zwin

2. Food

You may know Sluis from the former star restaurant Oud Sluis by chef Sergio Herman. Today Sergio Herman no longer has this restaurant in Sluis, but he has opened one in Cadzand, AIRrepublic. If you’re a foodie and your wallet allows it, you can eat there. But Sluis itself also has a few good restaurants to offer. In most restaurants you can find many fresh fish dishes, as the sea is not far away. We went to eat in Hart van Sluis and this property is worth a visit in itself! Think of a beautiful, cosy interior with delicious dishes such as homemade tapas. And also very affordable.


Lock is a small but very diverse shopping town. You’ll find local local shops, such as a traditional cheesemonger or a spice shop. But there are also larger chains to be found such as Kruidvat and Blokker. There are also plenty of nice clothing and shoe shops. We recommend Bomont. Here you will find beautiful clothes and also beautiful interior items.

Another must to visit is the Whisky House. Here you will find unique spirits,from gin to wine, champagne and of course whisky. Also nice to see if you’re not a lover of spirits!

In Sluis you will also find several drugstores where you pay the cheapest price for well-known brands of care products. Aren’t these enough reasons to take a trip to Sluis?

Lock in The Netherlands - heart of lock
Lock in the Netherlands: spice shop


If there’s one reason to go to Lock, it’s before halftime. You can literally “blow out” here and unwind. If you go to Sluis for peace and quiet, you should choose to go into the city centre on Friday, Saturday or Monday. On Sundays it can be very busy as all the shops are open. People who love nature, hiking, good food and shopping,should just go to Sluis. Fun fact: you will find very nice holiday homes to stay around Sluis. So we stayed at a holiday home with a huge surface area and beautiful views. Definitely recommended!

Lock in the Netherlands: spirits
Lock in The Netherlands travel blog

Did you go to Sluis in the Netherlands?

Have you ever been to Sluis in the Netherlands? And what do you think of this small town? We are curious! Let us know what you think of Sluis in the comments or via Facebook.

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