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    7 Tips on Packing Your Luggage for a Long Trip

    7 Tips on Packing Your Luggage for a Long Trip

    More and more often we are asked how we pack our luggage for a long trip. As some of you already know, we are currently abroad for three months. Then of course it is important to know what and how to pack for such a long journey. Here we would like to give you some tips that we apply ourselves and that make it a lot easier to pack your luggage for a long trip.

    1 The right suitcase

    Packing your luggage starts with choosing the right suitcase. A good suitcase for a long trip is of course a suitcase that is large enough. If you are planning to travel around, you can also opt for a large backpack. This is often more convenient to carry than a heavily loaded suitcase. If you do choose a suitcase, because it generally fits more stuff, you might want to look at our tips for choosing the right suitcase. It is the case that not every suitcase is suitable for large and long journeys.

    2 Packing lists

    When we pack for a big trip, this brings a lot of preparation. It all starts with making packing lists. We make lists about absolutely everything, but packing lists ensure that we never overlook or forget anything in our suitcase. So make lists of all the things you think you need on your trip in advance. After that, it’s best to delete what you don’t need or can’t take with you. This way your final and complete baggage will gradually come into its own.

    3 Space

    It is tempting to bring as much luggage as possible on a trip. Preferably of all we load our entire suitcase completely full. Still, this is not such a good idea. Always keep a little space in your suitcase, especially when you’re traveling for a long time. During your trip you will arrive in so many beautiful places where you will no doubt want to buy a souvenir. It’s a real shame not to be able to buy anything because your suitcase is already full. Not only is your suitcase too full to load is not a good idea. You also have to keep to a certain weight on the plane. So your suitcase should not be too heavy. Take this into account when packing your luggage.

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    4 Hand luggage

    It is very important to make good use of your hand luggage. Choose carefully to load certain items into your hand luggage instead of in your large suitcase. We always choose to load valuables, such as a laptop and smartphone with chargers, into our hand luggage. It’s also always a good idea to load one outfit into your hand luggage. It can always happen that your suitcase goes missing and the recovery and release can take a while. Always load a warm sweater or jacket and a pair of extra shoes in your hand luggage. Furthermore, our hand luggage also includes a blanket and earplugs for the aircraft.

    5 Differences

    When loading your luggage for a long trip, also take into account the differences between your home country and the country to where you are traveling. For long and far trips,you often need a different kind of adapter, for example. In North America, where we are currently doing a road trip, you have a very different kind of outlet than in Belgium. For example, there are even more differences to consider when packing your luggage. Make sure you bring the right stuff for the right country.

    6 Choice

    The most important thing when packing your luggage for a long trip, is to ask yourself what stuff you really need. The choice of this stuff is best done very accurately. You can weigh up whether or not you need some things on your trip. We all want to take as much as possible with us because we think we will definitely miss something from home. Nothing could be further from the truth. We often come to the conclusion that we have too much stuff with us that we didn’t really need. For example, we always bring too many towels. Also washcloths, an extra tube of toothpaste, 20 knickers, etc. you really don’t need to travel. After all, you can (almost) washyour dirty stuff and clothes anywhere in the world. And other things, like that tube of toothpaste, you can buy (almost) anywhere in the world if necessary.

    7 Stack

    What you need most when travelling is best placed at the top of your suitcase. There’s nothing harder than having to dig into your suitcase to find that one t-shirt or the one pair of shoes you put on so many times. So think about stacking your stuff before you start packing. What we definitely recommend is to put your first aid kit and toiletry bag on top of the rest of your stuff. These two things are often the most urgent. Furthermore, it is best to keep a separate piece of your suitcase free for your shoes, underwear and stockings. For us it also helps to put these things in separate bags and then only load it into our suitcase.

    Tips on packing your luggage

    With great pleasure we gave you these 7 tips when packing your luggage for a long trip. We hope that in this way you will experience fewer problems before and during your trip and will be able to enjoy more.

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