The end of our tour of
is gradually coming to an end. This beautiful trip we conclude in the surfers village sayulita. Here we enjoyed but also experienced adversity. It was without a doubt a special place. Do you want to know why? Read on!

Beautiful street in Mexico

Surfers village Sayulita

Our last destination of our transit through Mexico is the surfers village of Sayulita. This is an hour’s drive from Puerto Vallarta.

At first it wasn’t on our schedule, but we are so glad that we finally added this resort to our road trip! What a place. One of the best places we’ve seen in our lives. Think of vast beaches with beautiful palm trees,a clear blue sea and the most beautiful and cosy shops and beach bars out there. Most of the people who come here on vacation are surfers and hippie types. All very sweet, sociable people. Forget Bali and Tulum. Here’s Sayulita!


Our first days in Sayulita were perfect. We went out for dinner,watched the open starry sky in the evening and enjoyed the view of the beautiful ocean. The (originally) last day of our stay here, however, we will not soon forget.

On our last evening in Sayulita, after a delicious dinner, we decided to have a drink together at a typical beach bar as you often see here. Bryan chose a mojito and Sigrid a mango-flavored daiquiri. She shouldn’t have done that. The hours that followed were hell. All night and night she had to vomit without stopping. See you in the morning around 11:00. Afterwards, she had to lie on a drip in a local hospital because of dehydration. Exhausted and sick was not how we had planned our departure here.

Normally we would leave now for Mexico City. Our hotel and plane tickets had been stuck for a long time. But it was irresponsible to travel this way. It was obvious that this was not going to work. We cancelled everything and extended our stay at Sayulita. All told this was a huge extra cost,but we had no choice.
Avoid illness on holiday yourself with these tips.

Sayulita bar


It was like the last few days something had turned against us. Everything had to go wrong. It’s not easy to stay calm. There were a number of times when we were clearly annoyed and sometimes didn’t know what we deserved this accident. Maybe it’s superstition, but in
we went to the Mummy Museum and since then a lot has gone wrong. We thought this could be related and it gave us bad karma. Now that we have erased all our photos from this visit, everything goes back exactly a little better. Call us crazy, but there is something about that museum…

Mexico in our hearts through these streets

Day trip

After our setbacks,we decided to enjoy our last days in Mexico. The wonderful Sayulita makes up for everything. A day of relaxing on the beach or riding around the island on a quad bike or golf cart,or even on horseback or with the donkey. It’s all possible.

Because we had sat still for a few days, we chose to seek some action and adventure again. We went, together with a nice family from Belgium,to the petroglyphs of Altavista.

Altavista is a place in Mexico an hour’s drive from Sayulita. There is a nice walk that leads you through the petroglyphs. These are images on rocks taken hundreds of years ago. The petroglyphs are carved into the rocks. There are several drawings that used to be very important, such as a straw male that was drawn for a good harvest.

In addition to these impressive engravings, altavista also has water and a beautiful forest to walk through. It is a peaceful place where you can enjoy a short but intense walk. At the end of the forest, there is a small river where you can relax. Please note that in the spring there is little water to be found due to the drought.

After this brisk walk,we headed towards Chacala. This coastal village is near Altavista. Here you don’tsee any tourists, but the locals enjoy their holiday there. We ate delicious fresh fish on the beach with a Corona in hand. Happy ending of this day with even finer people!


When we look back on our 6 weeks in Mexico,we can’t help but smile. We have seen and experienced a lot, but in our memory this adventure has been a hugely positive experience.

We’ve fallen in love with this country, so Mexico is in our hearts. It has met our (high) expectations more than ever and we regret having to leave here. We could have stayed here much longer. But as said in our previous blog post, we will surely return someday. This country has stolen our hearts.

Mexico is a beautiful country. If you get the chance to ever travel there, we can recommend it toanyone. This country really has a lot to offer. A tip for all who goes: Take plenty of time for it. There is so much beauty to see and so much fun to experience! And enjoy, because before you know it all this beautiful weather has passed…

Sayulita beach view

Next destination

Now that we have left Mexico, we obviously already have new destinations that we want to visit. We complete our trip by flying to the United States. Here, too, we will visit a lot of new beautiful places. Curious about our first stop in the
? Be sure to read our post next Friday here! You can also follow us on
for updates on our world tour. Until then!

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