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    5 Tips You Should Definitely Do to Travel More Sustainably

    5 Tips You Should Definitely Do to Travel More Sustainably

    Actually, travel is not at all ecological or sustainable and not good for our wondrous planet that we love to discover. Of course, stopping travel would be a drastic rule, which would make us very unhappy. But there are a few things you can look out for so you can save the planet a little bit. That’s why we give these 5 tips for travelling more sustainably. Because the difference starts with yourself!

    5 Tips for Traveling More Sustainably

    1 Plan well and take your time

    Planning your trip well is actually a good start. For example, make sure that you don’t make unnecessary detours during a car ride. Or don’t always take the car on holiday and also try public transport (especially for small trips). Even when organizing your flights you definitely tired of planning well. So it would be very stupid to travel to the north of the country first and then go south and then back north. This is not only inefficient but also gives a lot of emissions that can actually be avoided. You can also avoid planes, as these are the least environmentally friendly means of transport. This way you can see at least as much by car or even train. Even though they are not entirely good for the environment… They’re better than a plane. And sometimes even cheaper.

    2 Leave it clean

    Always leave your locations clean and especially if you are staying in nature. And we really mean everything, because a small piece of plastic, for example, can already make an animal see this as food and choke on it. By the way, do not leave food in nature, because there are animals that store this in their nests for the winter. And when winter has arrived, this food is moldy and they starve. So never feed animals in the wild.

    3 Avoid plastic

    Avoiding plastic is perhaps the most famous tip to travel more sustainably and simply live more sustainably in general. Yet with this tip little to almost nothing is done. To make a difference, for example, you should buy a drinking can that you can fill every time instead of individual bottles. Or you could use reusable jars. Or bring a reusable bag to carry your groceries so you don’t have to use plastic bags. Especially in Mexico you do good work for the planet (there they give almost a plastic bag for each product). Also avoid the small soaps in your hotel, these really make for tons of unnecessary plastic! Bringing your own shower gel and shampoo is good for the environment! Unless you also buy these in small plastic bottles… Then this tip is not of much use.

    sustainable travel
    ecological travel

    4 Water consumption

    Avoid excess water consumption and especially in countries where there is already a water shortage. Even if your hotel has a bath, you’d rather take a shower. It can sometimes be a huge difference, without it being less clean. Or don’t let the hotel clean your room every time, even if it’s free, because changing your sheets every day is really unnecessary and otherwise consumes a lot. A washing machine not only guzzles a lot of water but also uses a lot of energy.

    5 Compensate your exhaust

    There are websites like today that will help you offsetyour CO2 impact from your trip. You can calculate here what your emissions were from your last trip and can then make a (small) donation using this data. With this money, action will then be taken to help the environment. also has a similar way of working. A nice initiative!

    What are you doing?

    This was our list to travel more sustainably. We hope you already apply these tips in your daily life and on a trip. You want our nature to remain untouched, don’t you? As a traveller, we think this is very important. What else do we have to discover on this planet? Looking for a sustainable gift? Take a look here.

    Do you do other things to travel more sustainably? Please let us know for sure in our comments. Then maybe we can apply them too!

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