January. It’s time again: time to plan your holiday!! Here we’ll show you the most popular holiday destinations for 2018 according to travel experts. There are some surprising destinations in it. Do you get any jitters to book your next vacation?

Exotic destinations


Barbados is a small Caribbean island that belongs to the Antilles. Its neighbours are other small islands such as St. Lucia, Martinique and Saint Vincent. A more exotic destination than this will not be easily encountered! Think pearly white beaches, palm trees,temperatures of 30 degrees and a clear blue sea. This is without a doubt the ideal beach holiday!


Malta is a travel destination that can belong to different categories because there are so many different things to see. It’s a nice sun holiday,but Malta has much more to offer than just its beautiful bays and lovely temperatures. You’ll also find cultural cities like Valletta so you can even go on a city break if you want.


The Seychelles is an archipelago belonging to Africa and has neighbouring countries such as Madagascar. Rightly so a very exotic destination! Not only do the pearly white beaches make the Seychelles the ultimate beach holiday,but also the fauna and flora is one of the reasons to travel to the Seychelles.


Mexico has been a top destination for all those who love culture and sun for years. It is a large country with many beautiful regions, each of which has its own charm. Especially for 2018, destinations like
Puerto Vallarta
are highly regarded. It is also our dream holiday destination.

The ideal travel destination Mexico

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country that borders the Caribbean And Pacific Ocean and has as neighboring countries Panama and Nicaragua. It is known for its many volcanoes and fauna. The country has a huge animal kingdom. It is the ideal travel destination if you like beautiful beaches and breathtaking nature.


Copenhagen (Denmark)

Copenhagen is known for its coziness. You can shopthere excellently, gourmet food and stroll past sights. An ideal city trip! Here are tips for a budget-friendly trip to Copenhagen.

Manchester (United Kingdom)

Manchester isn’t the most obvious city for a city trip, yet this will change in 2018, according to experts. The city has a lot to offer,just look here. In addition, Manchester has a lot of famous inhabitants, who knows, you might run into your favourite artist!

Ljubljana (Slovenia)

The next destination on our list of the most popular holiday destinations is Ljubljana. Ljubljana is an old but beautiful city in Slovenia. Think of romantic bridges, beautiful squares and beautiful parks. You can wander around and soak up culture and that makes it the perfect city trip!

Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Dubrovnik is a real port city located in Croatia. Croatia has been many people’s favourite travel destinations for years. Not strange as the country has beautiful nature. But now Dubrovnik is also becoming a popular city trip and that will have everything to do with the famous series Game of
that was shot there.

Oslo (Norway)

Oslo is not only the capital but also the largest city of Norway. It is a rapidly growing city and is known and loved for its numerous lakes. For a city there is a lot of greenery to see. That’s why Oslo is such a unique city. Furthermore, you will find the finest places to eat and shop and there are several museums. In short, all the activities you like to go on a city trip for. Look here for more inspiration.

Unique destinations


Canada has much more to offer beyond its impressive major cities Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal. It is a beautiful country with a distinctive nature. Just think of the Rocky Mountains,countless lakes and vast prairies. More and more people are choosing a holiday in Canada and we can’t blame them!


Chile is located in
South America
and has
, Bolivia and Argentina as neighbours. Because the country has such a large length, it has different climate zones. When you choose Chile as your travel destination, choose where you want to go. Outside the capital Santiago,there is still untold number to see in Chile. The country has countless attractions but we think you should go there mainly for nature.


Oman is not seen by everyone as the ideal holiday resort, yet it is a country with more potential than you might expect at first glance. The country has a huge coastline that runs from the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea to the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. Very well known is Wadi Shab, which is really worth going to when you travel to Oman. Between October and April it is ideal to travel to Oman because of the warm,but not too extreme temperature. The summer months there are hot, especially in the desert.


Iceland is not only completely surrounded by water, and is therefore an island state, but it is also the most sparsely populated country in
. Furthermore, it is a country that every nature lover must have visited in his life. In 2018, it is predicted that the country will attract even more tourists for the impressive natural phenomena that can be seen there. Iceland you can discover in many ways, look but is on this website for inspiration.


Another island state that is becoming increasingly popular to visit is Japan. Japan is an intriguing country with the highest life expectancy for their population in the world. Just to find out why, many want to travel to Japan. There are several aspects that make this country so unique. Think of the striking capital Tokyo (with 35 million inhabitants!), but on the other hand also the rich nature where peace reigns.

The most popular holiday destinations?

Which countries are on your list for 2018? Let us know for sure what you think these are the most popular holiday destinations for 2018! Did this message make you feel like booking a trip? First look at our tips to score your airline tickets as cheaply as possible!

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And there you can see which of the most popular holiday destinations we visited.

We wish you an inspiring and adventurous 2018!

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