Since yesterday a new airline has started in Belgium. This newest Belgian airline is called Air Charters Europe (ACE) and could change your life spectacularly!


Air Charters Europe is responding to an increasing demand in the airline sector for group travel. Many companies increasingly charter a plane to offer group tours, such as a team building. In the past, flights were booked with foreign airlines for this type of travel, but from now on this can be done by a Belgian company. Exclusive flying with a group of at least 20 passengers? It is now possible thanks to Air Charters Europe for the whole benelux!


Not only is this experience of travel very exclusive,it is also luxurious. The aircraft that Air Charters Europe will use for these special flights are similar to a private jet. There is more legroom than on a typical flight, each seat has its own power connection and high-quality materials have been used for finishing. The comfort and experience for the passenger are high.


The first aircraft of this new airline can accommodate up to 30 people and can fly up to 3000 kilometres. This way it easily reaches all destinations within Europe. Soon there may even be a second larger aircraft on the market that can carry up to 45 people and so Air Charters Europe hopes to become the largest player in the market of aviation charters for groups in Europe. If you already have ideas for a group trip, you can apply via their website. It is also best to inform you for prices of flights.

airline staff
The pilots of Air Charters Europe

This airline something for you?

Can this new Belgian airline changeyour life? Does this new way of traveling seem like something to you? Or would you rather get on a regular plane? It doesn’t matter how you travel, as long as you fully enjoy the trip. And you can do that even more through our travel tips! Be sure to follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with new travel tips.

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