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    On a Roadtrip – The book for road trippers in Europe

    On a Roadtrip – The book for road trippers in Europe

    As Roadtrippers of the Sun, of course we love to roadtrip. And when a book comes out about ‘road trip in the sun’ we want to read that right away! That is what we did with the book ‘On a Roadtrip’.


    ‘On a Roadtrip’ is a book made by the car rental company Sunnycars in which you will get tips on how to plan a hassle-free road trip or what to look out for when travelling through Spain. Although this is very useful and sometimes good to know, it is the different routes through Europe that appeal to us in this book. Because with routes in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Croatia and Crete, this book really does contain some variety and inspiration for everyone. You can even find nice hotels or bars in it that you might not otherwise find.

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    Our opinion

    We were afraid beforehand that ‘On a Roadtrip’ was going to be full of advertising from Sunnycars because they made this book, but that was not the case. Outside of the first pages, you hardly come across advertising anywhere. And the ‘advertising’ in it only plays to your advantage, such as the fair tank control they offer. But of course you don’t buy the book for that! You do buy it for the beautiful routes they have mapped out. Clearly defined routes full of great tips. For example, we are planning a road trip through Italy and this book is an additional source of inspiration that is certainly welcome. Although the cover appeals to us a little less, the content of the book is simply top! With of course many beautiful pictures that make you long for vacation.

    Where do you buy “On a Roadtrip”?

    ‘On a Roadtrip’ is easy to buy from or the standard bookstore for only 19.99 euros. And if you had to rent a car yourself at Sunnycars, you even get a discount on this book. Be sure to keep an eye on our blog because we will give away a beautiful copy soon!

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