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    7 tips to save on transportation during your trip.

    7 tips to save on transportation during your trip.

    Saving on transport during your trip is always fun and certainly possible. We often notice that people pay some people unnecessarily much for transport. We ourselves sometimes make that mistake and that’s why we made these tips. Not only to help you, but also so that we take them all in. Here are our tips for saving on transportation during your trip. but feel free to add to the comments.

    1 Search

    Before you leave, you should look up a few things. Especially if you go to a country with a foreign currency. For example, in Mexico we actually paid 30 euros too much for our first taxi. Just because we weren’t prepared and didn’t know the right price yet. So be sure to find out in advance what a taxi, bus or train costs. And also look for what’s cheapest. Because a bus or train is not always the cheapest means of transport in many countries. What you can also look up is whether there are certain turn cards or discounts. Because sometimes you’re cheaper off with a weekly subscription even though you only need the bus for 3 days.

    2 Uber

    Our second tip to save on transport during your trip is actually a tip that we ourselves have a double feeling about. Uber often causes taxi companies to go bankrupt. And you don’t really help the locals with it. If this isn’t a problem for you, of course you can just use Uber, but for us this is a stumbling block. The Uber app is actually an application where ordinary, non-commercial, people offer themselves with their car to take you from point A to point B. And in this way want to earn a penny. This is often at dirt cheap prices and can therefore save you a lot of money on (other) transport.

    3 Taxi sharing

    A very good tip that we often apply is to share a taxi. Imagine an airport coming out and there are people nearby who also have to go to the center of town. Then it would be very stupid to pay for a taxi, because often you pay one fare per ride (and not per person). Dare to appeal to people to share a taxi. Not only can you share the bill, but that’s how you get to know new people, which is always fun.

    4 Elevators

    A very well-known and old trick to save money on transportation, of course, is hitchhiking. This is easy and usually free. Of course you have to dare and often have some luck with it. Because it can sometimes take a long time to find the right car to the right destination. Don’t just get in the first car, always follow your gut! Today, there are already apps like Lyft that make hitchhiking easier. But that’s not safer.

    5 Bicycles

    If you are a bit sportier, you can of course always rent a bike (or often this is free at the hotel). We often do this if the distances on an excursion are no further than 5 km. This not only saves you on transportation but is often also an easy way to see much of a city. Of course you will look for the distances in advance. For example, we mispiged in Menorca and it was not 5 but 15 km from the hotel. And in that heat, this was pretty heavy.

    6 Travel like the Locals

    Often the locals know what the cheapest and the best is. So travel like them, this will often save you a lot of money. In Mexico, for example, we used public transport like the locals and this cost us barely 40 cents for a 30-minute ride. While we would have done this same route with the tourist transport, this would cost us almost a 1 euro more. And yes a euro is not much either. But if you have to take the bus 4 to 5 times a day, this ticks the box.

    7 Car rental

    Renting a car is often a very cheap way of transport in a country where you can see a lot. If you’re not planning on going out and staying in the city where you’re staying, this isn’t such a good tip. But if you like us plan to see a lot of a country and move around from city to city, this is usually the cheapest and easiest way. For example, for our trip soon to the USA we have calculated all possible ways to move from city to city. And renting a car came out best here in many places. But it’s best to calculate this at home first. Be sure to take the fuelinto account.

    Do you have any tips on how to save transportation during your trip?

    Do you have any tips to save on transport during your trip? They are more than welcome in our comments or on our Facebook page.

    Next Tuesday a new appointment with more tips. Can’t you wait till then? Take a look at our other travel tips or at our travel blog.

    7 tips to save on transportation during your trip.

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