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    3 Tips for Booking an Ecological Hotel

    3 Tips for Booking an Ecological Hotel

    Ecological travel is becoming more and more of a trend. Also understandable, because the emissions we produce are simply too large. And even if you then book with an ecological hotel do not solve the whole CO2 problem, all the little bits help and start especially with yourself. Finding and booking an ecological hotel may not seem so easy. Would you like to do your bit? Find an ecological hotel more easily with these tips!

    Book an ecological hotel

    1 Green Key

    Perhaps the best tip to book an ecological hotel is the Green Key website. They rate hotels and also tourist attractions on how ecological they are. And when these hotels or attractions meet the standards, they get a green key and they come on the website. Where you can find them. The disadvantage of this site is that they are not yet very large and therefore do not have a comprehensive offer. Please also note that you cannot make bookings through this website. You’ll only find out which hotels are ecological. This site also has some tools to calculate whether a hotel is ecological or not. So you can test your favorite hotel!

    2 Tripadvisor

    Tripadvisor has also recently created an overview of all the ecological hotels out there. Very convenient and also quite easy. Only the standards to get into this list are not as strict as on green key’s website. Also, not all countries have such a list. The lists can be easily found by filling in ‘eco-list + country’ in the search bar. Here you will find a list of all the eco-friendly hotels.

    3 Go and investigate for yourself

    Exploring yourself is perhaps the most time-consuming option, but you really help the ecosystem with that. Because only then will you be sure of a good hotel. For example, you can check the hotel’s website to see if there is an environmental policy or a CSR statement. Or look that the hotel has received some award or award for its environmental policy. This is often and more often distributed by local media or companies that are in the industry. Those awards are not worth much in themselves but usually give you a good indication.

    So you can find most of the information on the hotel’s own website. Because a hotel that works with green energy, for example, really wants to work with that. As well as all the other measures they implement for an ecological policy. Always read carefully what they are doing and don’t just rely on the title.

    Do you book an ecological hotel?

    Are you already booking an ecological hotel? Do you want to do this in the future? Or doesn’t it matter to you? We are trying to do this, but we have to be honest about the fact that often the budget wins out of the environmentally conscious. We are therefore curious to see how this is with you. So let us know for sure in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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