A beautiful world map in stylish wood is the accessory for your interior if you like to travel. Or even if you don’t like it! It is an original gift for travelers. It fills up an empty wall in a warm way and makes your home unique. An original gift for travellers. Read here where you can find it!

What is this gadget?

The world map in wood is, as the name says, a wooden world map that you can hang on a wall. This one is of good quality,has a huge size and is made of sturdy wood so it fills up an empty wall beautifully. It’s not just a world map, it’s a stylish interior piece. For us this is the showpiece of our house and it immediately makes it clear to visitors that we love to travel. Makes us happy to have such a unique piece on the wall. Wanderlust is all around. It really works inspiring and makes you long for wonderful travels. Also an original gift for travellers.

Why do you need this gadget?

We would recommend this gadget to any traveler as it immediately tells a lot who you are. For us it is indispensable in our interior. It fits perfectly with who we are. It is also an original gift for travelers. For people who don’t travel that much, it can also be a very nice interior piece. It is not only beautiful but also has value. You only have to look at your wall to planyour next trip! Super convenient too!

Where can you buy this gadget?

The wooden world map is for sale online at Coolgift and costs you 69 euros. Not yet a birthday present for someone who likes to travel or buy an early Christmas present? This is without a doubt an original gift for travelers. Would you like this? Let us know for sure in the comments.

Interested in the countries we have already visited from this world map? Be sure to check out our destinations.

This blog post came about after a collaboration with Coolgift.com. Thank you for the friendly cooperation.

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