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    Onze Droom de caravan

    One step closer to our dream

    Our Dream the caravan

    One step closer to our dream

    We are one step closer to our dream, our fantastic road trip. Today we were able to complete the painting inside. It’s almost unbelievable how quickly we’ve done this job! If you really want something, then nothing really stands in your way. And it shouldn’t cost much either, we paid €19 for a pot of white paint in the action. Maybe not the best paint but very cheap. And for this job, definitely good enough!

    The entire white inside, as expected, makes the caravan exactly more spacious than it is. Now we can continue working on the floor. If you look closely at the picture you can already see a bit of what the floor is going to look like. The floor was a slightly more expensive choice though. We use adhesive laminate for this. This is quite pricey, you pay per square meter about €35. But this is so beautiful and above all also easy to place. Are you too curious to see the fully finished caravan? We do!

    Our dream caravan
    Our Dream the caravan
    The Kitchen

    Follow our Dream

    You can of course follow our dream and all our plans on our travel blog. Where you can read all our recent stories. Would you rather see how we continue to grow our caravan? Then you can do that in the category ‘Our Stay’. But you can also follow us via Facebook. Where you will see all the recent posts pass by.

    What do you think about our caravan? Or do you have any nice tips that we can use in our caravan? We’d love to hear it. Because everyone’s opinion is more than welcome! Especially when it comes to our caravan.


    In the meantime we have made our beautiful road trip through France. And this was exactly what we expected from our dream! Even more than that. And also our caravan has worked perfectly with it. And our choice for the white color and wooden floor, we did not complain for a moment!

    Our dream, the caravan
    Windows from behind
    Our dream caravan
    The bathroom

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