First of all, we would like to wish you, our loyal readers,a happy, healthy and happy New Year. We hope that the new year can bring much love and joy. Now that the new year has arrived, we leave 2018 behind us and look confidently at 2019. This will hopefully be another year full of beautiful trips and even more beautiful memories. Are you looking forward to what the new year will bring? These are our wishes and resolutions for 2019. We hope to make it a wonderful and travel-loving year!

New Year’s Resolutions 2019

1 Making spontaneous trips

We hope that in 2019 we will be able to make (even) many more spontaneous trips than the year before. Don’t plantoo much in advance, but more impulsive and adventurous to travel. Don’t think, just doit! After all, we noticed that the most beautiful moments of our lives were spontaneous decisions. Too many plans, too much flier. Something we urgently want to get rid of in 2019. Here you can get to know some nice destinations for 2019.

2 Create a home

Recently we moved into our own apartment. A new place that must now feel like home. It has to be the place we like to go back to after (long) trips. At present it is still a messy tangle of moving boxes, but gradually everything is starting to take shape. We already feel a bit at home here and look forward to when our apartment will be completely fine. Making this apartment a ‘home’ is our goal in 2019.

3 Asia or Africa

In 2019 we have the desire to travel to Asia and Africa. Two continents where, unfortunately, we have not yet been, with the exception of Morocco. Both continents seem fantasticto us , but to have seen both in one year, we will have to go to great lengths. It will probably be a choice. Have you been to one of these two continents? Which one do you prefer? Give us some tips and inspiration!

4 Greener travel

Our last resolution for 2019 is to travel more sustainably and therefore ‘greener’.

We realize that travelling frequently (by plane) has disastrous consequences for the environment. We want to do something about this. We can do smaller journeys or shorter distances by car or train. For long distances we (unfortunately) have no choice but to take the plane. But we can give back to our planet. For example, on the Flygreen website

you can calculate and compensate for your CO2 emissions per trip by depositing money for solar panels in India. But there are plenty of other initiatives you can choose from. Some examples of this are My Climate

and Fair Climate Fund. The trouble to take a look at and use!

Your intentions?

What are your wishes or resolutions for 2019? What else would you like to see or what do you want to achieve? Let us know in the comments.

Soon there will be a lot of beautiful trips

on the schedule. So be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page

and Instagram page for recent updates. Until then!

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