On October 13th we stayed at the YUP hotel in Hasselt. YUP stands for ‘Young Urban People‘ and is a stubborn hotel with each its unique assets. It is a hotel tailored to the young traveller. The rooms are compact,but comfortable. But all the space is optimally utilized, but the necessary facilities are provided. That’s the yup hotel. Below we give the pros and cons of staying at the YUP hotel.


1.The bed in the room is central and is a cozy place.
2.De rooms are clean.
3.Smooth and fast Wi-Fi connection at all places in the hotel.
4.Delicious breakfast buffet
5.Beautifully decorated restaurant with lots of delicious Italian dishes
6.Unique interior with attention to detail.
7.Location near the centre of Hasselt.


1.Ventilation system in the room is extremely loud and you can’t turn it off.
2.Very quick check-in so that not everything is equally clear.
3.De host of the hotel is unhelpful.
4.Little privacy in room because bathroom and bedroom are in the same room.
5.No refrigerator in the room.
6.Few extras in the room such as a phone, information brochure, writing, extra pillow, safe and toothbrush.

the yup hotel in hasselt

We will not be staying at the YUP hotel again soon, despite the many benefits. The disadvantages weigh more heavily on us. Especially the ventilation system that made a lot of noise at night and the little helpful host who turned us down when we said something about it, is decisive in this choice. If you like peace and comfort, this hotel is not really suitable. But for young bloggers or influencers travelling alone or with friends, this hotel is a must-see, as YUP is sure to provide perfect pictures on Instagram or your blog.


Fancy a day at Hasselt? Then you should definitely take a look here to see what is to be done in this nice city! Would you like to rent a room at this Hotel? Then it is best to book this via the site itself.

Have you been there yourself? then we’d love to hear your opinion! Or have you been to a nice hotel in Hasselt? Even then we would love to hear it! A nice trip from this hotel is the welnes of Yolande Beukers.


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