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    More and more over-55s on road trip

    More and more over-55s on road trip

    As our name suggests, we really like to go on a road trip. According to us, the best way to get to know a country or region is to take a (small) road trip. A tour of a beautiful country is the most fun for us, and preferably by car. And we’re not the only ones who like that. Sunny Cars has achieved perceptive results in their research into road trip preferences. More and more over-55s also enjoy going road ting. Are you one of them? Here are a few facts.

    Travelling with friends

    How is it that over-55s are getting more and more interested in a road trip? Many have more time to travel from that age onwards and often opt for several holidays per year. One of those holidays is often a road trip. The majority of car tenants go on a road trip with their partner and/or children. Young people and over-55s are more likely to choose to take a road trip with friends. For over-55s, this is because the children are often out of the house and there is more time for friends. And these people often go to countries like Spain, Greece, Italy and Portugal, which are ideal road trip countries!

    Book a rental car

    We like to book a rental car on a trip to make it easier and better to explore a country. We love the freedom a car gives at your destination. And we are certainly not alone! 1 in 4 Flemings who booked a rental car in recent years do so again every holiday. And for over-55s, that’s even 1 in three. This shows that renting a car on a trip is very popular, especially with over-55s!

    Difference between over-55s

    Both young people and over-55s often rent a car when travelling, but there are some differences with each group. Young people indicate that they have less confidence in rental companies than older people. Over-55s are also more perceptive than young people when they pick up their cars. They check for a first aid kit and spare wheel and make sure the car has no damage before departure. We must admit that we forget to check this. If we can give you one tip: always check your rental car for damage before you leave!

    Are you booking a rental car?

    Have you ever booked a rental car on a trip? Or are you already very experienced in taking a road trip? You can definitely give us some tips in the comments!

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