If you go to
you’ll have to make things right. Just think of all your papers you need. Although this is actually not so bad for a country from another continent.

Especially when it comes to vaccinations. Here we will explain what papers and vaccinations you need for Morocco.

Papers for Morocco

International passport

An international passport is actually the only document you need that you can get in order to travel to Morocco in advance. Very simple, though you have to pay attention to a few things. For example, that your passport still has enough room for a stamp. And that your passport will be valid for at least another 6 months. Also request your passport on time at your town hall. On time means at least a month before you leave on the trip. Because a normal procedure only costs you 65 euros and an accelerated procedure, because you applied for it too late, is 250 euros and very urgent procedure even 350 euros. More questions about your passport? Be sure to check out the government’s website.

Customs form

When arriving at the airport you still need to fill out a customs form. Nothing in itself you should be afraid of. You just need to write down all your details, such as your date of birth, passport number and profession. The only thing you really need when filling out these documents is patience. Because the queues that stand in front of these controls are often very long. And the workers at border control in Morocco work very slowly. Furthermore, no papers for Morocco need to be put in order.

Driving in Morocco?

Driving licence

The only thing you have to take with you to drive in Morocco is your driver’s license from home. This is also valid in Morocco so you don’t need to apply for or put extra papers in order. Check your insurance.

Papers for Morocco - street scene
Sigrid Rijckoort in magical Marrakech

Vaccinations Morocco

Vaccinations are not required in Morocco. However, some vaccinations have been recommended. We describe these below. So they are not required and if you go to an all-in hotel also don’t need it at all. What you will need are pills for your stomach, because moroccan cuisine uses a lot of herbs that we are not really used to. Which can cause abdominal pain.

Hepatitis A (Recommended)

Hepatitis is a severe liver infection caused by a virus. If you want a full inoculation of Hepatitis A, you need to get two injections. The first injection will protect you for a year. The second (6 months later) protects you for the next 30 years.

DTP (Recommended)

DTP is short for Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio. The chances of you getting these diseases with us are very small. In countries like Mexico, there is a chance. As a child, you’ve already had an inoculation against these diseases. But it is still recommended that you have it set up again before you leave.

BMR (Recommended)

If you have not had measles or measles vaccination, a BMR vaccination is recommended for Morocco. An inoculation that most people are fine with.

More information?

Are you looking for more information about your papers for Morocco? Take a look here.

Or are you looking for more information about vaccinations for Morocco? Take a look here.

We wish you a safe trip!

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