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    What papers for America do you actually need?

    What papers for America do you actually need?

    What papers   for Do you really need America?

    That’s a question we ourselves had for our trip to the USA. And also a question that is regularly asked to us. But the answer is very simple and simple. You only have a few things to get in order when you travel to the USA from Europe.

    Let’s explain below.

    International passport

    international passport
    knows everyone. This is the burgundy-coloured booklet (in Belgium! Other countries have a different color tone) that you need to travel outside Europe. You can apply for this passport at your town hall and a few weeks later, or sometimes after a few days, you already have this. Very easy to get but expensive to buy. An international passport costs about 70 euros. There is also an emergency procedure for people who need a passport quickly. This will cost 200 euros. You can’t save on these costs! Because without an international passport, you just can’t enter America.


    ESTA is an electronic system that registers you and gives you permission to travel to America for a maximum of 90 days. This is a replacement of the papers that you normally have to fill out on the plane when you travel to another country. Nothing to worry about, so. Applying for an ESTA is not difficult, but it is necessary! You can put it in order from behind your computer on the site

    that was created for this.   Here you have to click ona new applicationand answer the questions honestly. After this, it may take a week for your response to get your ESTA in order.

    Pay attention! For this application you first need your international passport. If you don’t have this yet and you don’t have time to apply for an ESTA, you can also follow the old procedure at the airport and fill out a paper. This will take more time and may well be exciting. It can happen at any time that you no longer have access to the country in question. Also keep in mind that your ESTA document costs money. We paid 14 dollars/person, converted about 12 euros. Again you can’t save on this because you need this and at the airport itself it will cost you more.

    These papers for America are only valid if you want to stay in America for less than 90 days. Do you want to stay longer in America? Take a look here.

    Driving licence

    You don’t need to apply for any additional documents for your driver’s license. Your driver’s license from home is also valid here. Even though some websites claim something different. You can use it perfectly here and all car rental companies also accept your Belgian or Dutch driving licence. So no extra paperwork for America for your driver’s license.

    Can I go into America with these papers?

    With these papers you are not quite sure that you can enter the USA because there is also a check at the airport itself of course. But if you have nothing to hide, you can easily get past this and you have enough of these documents. Don’t forget to print your ESTA and take it with you as proof.

    Papers for America

    Hopefully we’ve been able to answer your question: What papers do I need for America to enter America? Pay attention! This is only the procedure for when you go to America travels as a tourist for a maximum of 90 days and not to work or work live! If you still have any questions or something is not clear, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you further.

    papers for America

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