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    4 Tips to Remember when planning your itinerary

    4 Tips to Remember when planning your itinerary

    Do you also have difficulty planning your final itinerary? We spend hours on it sometimes! These 4 tips can help to make it a lot easier. These are tips you should remember when planning your itinerary.

    Tips for planning your itinerary

    1 Get out

    When planning your itinerary, it’s important to know what you want to see and do. And plan your route according to those things. Because if you don’t do this, chances are you won’t see or do half of it and you’ll regret it afterwards. Maybe you even think that planning is not for you and you want to choose what you will do on the spot. That is possible, as we did in the beginning, but in hindsight we were often disappointed that we had not seen or done certain things. Just because our route was not in function of our excursions, but the trips according to the route, and that is also not the intention! The ideal is that you card prints or buys and that you indicate all the trips you want to do and then go see what the best route.

    2 Take your time

    Don’t make your route too heavy when planning and take your time to observeeverything. In America, for example, we had one day per National Park, and that is actually far too little. So count enough time per trip. Actually, it’s best to doubleeverything in your schedule. If you think you’re one hour old, then suddenly make it two hours on your schedule.

    3 Better one thing good

    Sometimes it’s better to do or see one thing than to do a hundred things, but not one really does good. We sometimes see holiday schedules coming along where they’re going to see 20 cities in a fortnight, and believe us, you’ve seen a lot but really nothing. Better to explore one place well than to see everything fleetingly without being able to enjoyit.

    4 Variety

    Above all, make sure there is plenty of variety in the trips and planning. For example, we love music, but after two museums we talked about music. Rather, alternate a museum with a piece of nature. Enough variation in the planning is certainly welcome. Even if you only want to lie on the beach you can look up different beaches, for example. In retrospect, you’ll be glad you did.

    Where are you going to go?

    Hopefully you’ll benefit from these 4 tips when planning your next itinerary. Have you been away and have any tips on how to plan? Let us know for sure!

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