Last week we had the honour to test a brand new concept in Belgium: Premier Suites Plus Antwerp . This concept of staying overnight is already known abroad,but with us still fairly new. Is it a hotel? An apartment? Find out what Premier Suites is and why you should stay there for sure!

The concept

Premier Suites Plus stands for elegant, luxurious serviced apartments. This means that the building looks just like a hotel, with a reception area, a restaurant and common areas. But there are also many extras such as a fully equipped room with kitchen. This also allows you to stay longer at Premier Suites. This is interesting for business purposes, for example, but also when you are looking for an overnight stay with your whole family. You can also have your sheets and towels refreshed, just like a hotel. In short, you have the advantages of a hotel but also the advantages of your own apartment.


Premier Suites Plus Antwerp has about 108 rooms, all of which have a walk-in shower bathroom, a king-size bed and its own kitchen and a flat-screen living room. You can also opt for even more space and luxury by booking a penthouse apartment. These also have a spacious terrace with a view of the city. Every room is meticulously decorated and stylishly decorated.

Premier suites hotel in Antwerp
Hotel room in the premier suites hotel


The location of Premier Suites could not be better. It is a 5 minute walk from the main station in Antwerp and 5 minutes from the shopping streets. There are also endless eateries nearby and the cinema is also nearby. Several buses and trams can take you to other parts of the city, but you are actually within walking distance of all the hotspots antwerp has to offer. For example, we went shopping on the Meir for a day and visited the Museum on the Stream (MAS). Other museums and tourist attractions are also within walking distance.

Our experience at Premier Suites

We were warmly welcomed by the team of Premier Suites Antwerp. They did everything possible to give us as pleasant a stay as possible. The rooms were magnificent,spacious and manicured, with a terrace overlooking the main train station. Everything was thought of: hairdryer in the room, a flat screen, refrigerator and freezer and even an iron and shelf. So you can stay here for a long time. Also the breakfast formula was fine for us. You could choose from a wide range ร  la carte. Finally, the location was a huge asset for us. We had a pleasant stay and hope to go back again soon!

View from the premier suites hotel at the main train station
Breakfast Room Premier Suites

What about you?

Would you like to spend the night in the heart of Antwerp? Book your stay at Premier Suites Plus Antwerp quickly on their website. So you are sure of the best price for your room. Enjoy your stay! Also a nice trip to the ghost town Doel is also highly recommended.

Did you know that Premier Suites also has branches abroad? For example, you have this chain in Glasgow, Rotterdam, Manchester and Liverpool. All great destinations to try out this unique concept!

Hotel room layout
Kitchen in Premier Suites
Bathroom in this nice hotel

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