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    6 Tips to Protect You From the Cold on Winter Holidays

    6 Tips to Protect You From the Cold on Winter Holidays

    Are you going on a winter vacationsoon? A hiking, skiing or snowboarding holiday? Then these 6 tips can definitely come in handy! We are happy to give you tips to protect you optimally from the cold on your next winter holiday.

    1 Layers

    What you should definitely do, and perhaps already do, is put on a lot of different layers of clothing. It’s best to start with warm underwear,a top or t-shirt over it and then a sweater and possibly a fleece sweater and to finish a warm, water resistant winter coat. This may not get the cold to the surface of your skin any time soon.

    2 Shoes

    The right shoes ensure that you don’t have cold feet and that your body also gets cold less quickly. Once your feet are cold, it’s hard to keep your body warm. Therefore, the right shoes are of great importance. First of all, opt for easy but thick socks. Never put two pairs of socks on top of each other! This can make your feet feel just a stuffy feeling and reduce your blood supply so that no heat circulates through your feet. With cold feet as a result.

    3 Heat pads

    If you are really a koukleum, then you can also choose to buy heat pads and, for example, put them in your jacket pocket or gloves. This small heat source allows you to heat cold hands or feet continuously. Nowadays you have all kinds of different types of heating elements for your body.

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    4 Balaclavas

    Often your face is the only thing you can’t pack well with warm clothes. And just let your nose, ears and jaws be the body parts that catch the most cold. Then a balaclava comes in handy. It might be weird to put this on your head, but it certainly helps in extremely cold temperatures.

    5 Mittens

    Mittens are the best option to warm your hands on winter holidays. Gloves are less good as your fingers are closed separately and therefore there is a faster chance of cold fingers. Mittens may be a little less convenient but so much better for protecting against the cold.

    6 Food and drink

    Finally, it is important to eat and drink well in extreme temperatures. This gives you energy and that creates a warm body. So drink and eat enough during your winter holiday. Always opt for healthy and nutritious food and avoid alcohol. This causes you to lose heat, even if at first glance it seems to give you a warm feeling.

    Are you going on a winter vacation?

    What are you doing to protectyourself from the cold? Did you find our tips useful? Let us know for sure through the comments,so we can inspire each other to better protect ourselves from the coming cold.

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