After our tour in Mexico,

we’ve seen some remarkable things that you might only find in Mexico. There’s no doubt it’s quirks you didn’t know about this country. Get to know them and you’ll be even more prepared if you ever go to Mexico. Here are the quirks from Mexico.

Peculiarities from Mexico

1 Free doctor

Although it wasn’t fun, Sigrid got sick on this trip. If you are sick on a trip, you will also get to know a country in terms of health care. So we went to the doctor (several times) and this was free of charge every time the doctor’s office was at a pharmacist’s office. For example, you can go and get your prescription for medication for free if you buy the medication from that pharmacist. Something that’s completely different with us.

2 No leaflet

There is something else that can be said about health care in Mexico. Although we are always well helped in the ‘choice’ of medication, no drug has a leaflet in the packaging. Something that’s unthinkable with us. For example, we wanted to check that the antibiotics Sigrid had to take did not contain penicillin (Sigrid is very allergic to this!) but that was not the way to do it. We had to rely on the doctor’s judgment. So it is definitely advisable to repeat several times (in Spanish!) for which you are allergic so that the doctor takes this into account. After all, if you buy the drug, you can’t really control it yourself anymore. This one certainly belongs to the peculiarities of Mexico.

3 Cigarettes

What we also found very striking and strange in Mexico is that cigarettes are for sale at the pharmacist. In Belgium, people go to the pharmacist for medicines to cure, and it is unthinkable to find cigarettes there. But in Mexico, it’s very common to buy your cigarettes from the pharmacist. In Mexico there are also many smokers and, after speaking with a Mexican friend, it is also normal for them to smoke. They don’t see much harm in it.

4 Rivalry

Although Mexicans are very spontaneous and warm-hearted people, they are less so for Americans. Understandably, too, if you take the president as an example to all Americans. Many Mexicans were a little reluctant when we addressed them, but once they knew we were Europeans and not Americans, they became a lot more spontaneous. There are also a lot of Mexicans who just express their hatred of America and their president. Supporters of Trump may get into trouble.

5 Corona Light

If there’s one beer brand you’ll find all over Mexico, it’s Corona. Especially in canned, this drink is very popular. With us, only the variant in glass bottles is for sale. If you look closely, it is also noticeable that corona light is mainly for sale in the shops in Mexico. Why that is, we don’t know. Maybe it’s just a matter of taste. Also you see in Mexico Coronita’s, this is the small version (21cl) of Corona. We do not have that in Belgium, as far as we know.

6 Breakfast

Breakfast is with us as they say “the most important meal of the day”. In Mexico, they clearly think differently. Breakfast doesn’t do everyone. Most Mexicans eat breakfast + lunch around 11am. The later they eat, the better they seem to find it. Also in the evening Mexicans often eat late. We also noticed that Mexicans eat several times and more often than we do, but smaller portions.

7 Supermarket

There are very small supermarkets in Mexico but also large chains. Just like with us. You have the local neighborhood supermarkets but also the big giant shops. It’s best to compare it to a Walmart (if you’ve been there before) or a large Carrefour. In the big chain stores in Mexico you can buy food everywhere and eat it on the spot. For example, at the bakery in the supermarket you can buy coffee cakes and eat them at the table. In some supermarkets you can even eat hot prepared food right at the table. It is a bit like a Lunch Garden, but located in the supermarket itself.

8 Iguanas

With us in Belgium you often see cats, squirrels, hedgehogs or sometimes stray chickens walking on the street. In Mexico you don’t see this, but you see mostly iguanas on the street and that is sometimes a bit of a scare. These animals are, after a thorough enquiry with several Mexicans, not really dangerous but they are large and impressive. It’s best to just leave them alone and not get too close, because then they can get scared. In most cases they will just walk away if you get too close but you never really know how animals will react in fear. So don’t be alarmed if you just run into an iguana on the street. Usually they sit on a wall and take on the color of the wall. Then be surprised,because they are special animals.

9 Doors open

Another striking thing in Mexico and something that is unthinkable with us is that almost all the front doors of the houses are open. At the family in Cancun where we were staying, the front door was never locked. Everyone could basically just walk in, but Mexicans simply don’t. There is a lot of respect (much more than with us) for each other’s property. However, most houses are surrounded by a fence or there is a ward guard who opens a bareel for you if you want to drive your car into the neighborhood. But it is generally quiet and you don’t just walk into each other’s house. Stealing is also considered a huge sin and is therefore not done.

10 Beach

The last curious thing in Mexico has to do with the beach. Mexicans, of course, love to relax on their beautiful beaches. Yet they do so in a very different way than we do. Mexicans like to sit on a crowded beach close together. The busier,the better they have it. And even with these crowds, they don’t mind putting on (loud) music. This is what many Mexicans like and something we prefer to avoid. But after experiencing it for ourselves with our
Mexican friends,
we have to admit that it was cozier than we initially thought. So this was the last of our list of quirks from Mexico. I hope it was of no use to you.

Did you know these quirks from Mexico?

Did you know any of these 10 quirks from Mexico? Which one surprised you the most? Let us know via the comments or on our
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Next week we’ll give you 10 quirks from America. And sometimes there are very special! It really is a different world. Until then!

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