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    3 Tips You Should Remember When Traveling Sickness

    3 Tips You Should Remember When Traveling Sickness

    Unfortunately we have already fallen ill during one of our trips.

    Not only is this very annoying,but it always brings with it a lot of work and frustration. Fortunately, there are ways to make everything run smoother when you’re traveling sick. Here we give 3 essential tips that you better remember when you travel with illness. At least it will save you a lot of misery!

    1 Insurance

    We can’t repeat it enough, but leaving carefree on a trip starts with the right travel insurance. Go to your bank or insurer and take out customized travel insurance. Because illness on the road is more common than you think.

    People who travel more than once a year can take out ongoing travel insurance.

    For people who only go on holiday once a year,
    short-term insurance
    is sufficient. In any case, make sure you are adequately covered in case of illness or accident while travelling. We have our own ongoing travel insurance with our bank which, when cancelling (part of) our trip due to illness, will pay most of it. And that has already reassured us for the pennies we would otherwise have lost.

    Also take all the proofs of your insurance on your trip! Be sure to write down your policy number, as this will be the first time a travel insurance or doctor will ask you when you fall ill on a trip. So it is useful to have your papers with you to immediately show to the doctor on the spot and to get your refund at home in order as soon as possible.

    2 Doctor

    A second tip has to do with choosing the right doctor on the spot. Good to know is that in certain countries there are doctors who can’t/won’t cooperate with your insurance. Let’s give you an example. In Mexico, Sigrid got sick and she went to a local doctor. As soon as she asked if he could also put on paper that Sigrid had consulted him to prove to the insurance that she was effectively ill, he backed off. Maybe this doctor thought the whole insurance thing would give him a lot of paperwork. He forwarded us to a doctor a little further down the road who worked with international insurance and therefore had some experience with it.

    This second doctor was our lifesaver! He could be English and has helped us well. He even arranged everything by phone and email with our insurance for all medical expenses. For example, we did not have to pay any of this amount and everything was arranged directly between doctor and insurer. Very very useful to know so! Always look for a doctor with experience in international travel insurance. And one who’s not afraid of some paperwork!

    3 Medication

    If you are travelling sick more often, you can respond to this by taking enough medication next time. We always take pills against nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting and sore throat and Sigrid also specifically against migraines. If you know that you suffer from this more often, and sometimes also suffer from it at home, make sure that you bring your own medication on your own trip.

    It is also safer and more pleasant to be able to take on time medication that you have with you and already knows, than to have to ‘try out’ the local medication. Medication can be very different in other countries and often the language is a barrier to reading a leaflet in full. In Mexico, for example, there wasn’t even a leaflet on the medication we bought there. Then you have to start guessing if this is the right medication for your problem, not to mention certain side effects or allergies!

    So be prepared and bring enough medication that you use occasionally at home. And don’t forget to apply for a drug passport from your doctor. For example, it says on paper what medication you can take across the border to another country.

    Tips you should remember when   travelling sickness

    We very much hope that you don’t get sick on a trip, but if it happens, remember these 3 tips about illness on the trip! They can save you a lot of misery on your trip and don’t ask for much time.

    For those who like to have some
    more travel tips,
    we’d love to give them you to make your trip even more enjoyable. Also, with our tips you can sometimes save a lot of money on travel.

    We wish you a nice holiday! And of course you can always follow us on our Facebook page.


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