We were in Barcelona from 24 to 27 November 2017 and stayed at the Leonardo Hotel Gran Via. Leonardo Hotels can be found all over the world, from Belgium to Israel. And so also in Barcelona(Spain). Read our experience with this hotel chain here.

Hotel appearance

The hotel looks pretty big. It has 7 floors with about 15 rooms on each corridor. The exterior is sober,but stands out. op It is the only big hotel down the street. The entrance hall is also on the sober side. It is a spacious entrance hall with mainly white and brown colors. It’s clean and tight but maybe a little old-fashioned. We think that a few years ago it will have been a very prestigious looking hotel. In 2017 it may be something more unique.

The rooms

The rooms have also remained in time. Here are the main colors brown and red. Unfortunately, the dark brown of the furniture exudes the old-fashioned. Nevertheless, on the other hand, this brings with it coziness. The red tones give warmth and somehow radiate Spanish culture. You immediately feel ‘at home’ in your hotel room. The beds are spacious enough and have a harder mattress. For us this was ideal and we slept like a rose. Only the cushions are on the thin side and may not be suitable for everyone.

The bathroom

The bathroom is small, but we didn’t expect them to be bigger for a standard room. The biggest drawback to the bathroom is the small bath. An adult person can’t lie in here with his legs outstretched. We think the bath is in need of replacement. A big plus are the soaps that the hotel offers. They smell delicious!

Not an ideal location

The Leonardo Hotel Gran Via is not in the busiest tourist part of Barcelona. It is a 25 minute walk from the Ramblas and a 15 minute walk from montjuïc. It’s a little‘everywhere and nowhere’. If you are a bit sporty, you can visit a lot on foot. We didn’t take the metro or bus once to visit anything. However, we find that the hotel does not have an ideal location. We recommend choosing a hotel that is closer to the city centre (e.g. the Ramblas). Unless of course you like to walk and also want to see many non-tourist spots of Barcelona.

Value for money

We chose this hotel because of the price. We booked our standard room for 150 euros for the whole stay. This means: 3 nights exclusive breakfast. In a standard room you have a double bed (you can choose in advance), a locker, a bathroom with bath and shower curtain, hairdryer, soaps and a flat screen. Breakfast can still be booked on site and costs 7 euros/person. You have to have breakfast every morning of your stay or nothing. For example, you can’t have breakfast at the hotel once if you stay 3 nights. We regretted this. We would have liked to have eaten there the first morning because other breakfast spots in the area were still unknown to us when we arrived.

Helpful staff

We found the staff at Leonardo Hotel Gran Via quite friendly. The receptionist spoke good English and took her time to explain everything clearly. We were also given the opportunity to contact the front desk if we needed anything. For example, at the reception you can have a toothbrush, toothpaste, sewing utensils, … Obtain. Also the logistics staff were helpful. If you don’t want your room cleaned, you can still clean towels, sheets, toilet paper,… 3pm. This we found a plus.

Overall we are very satisfied with Leonardo Hotel Gran Via. We have got value for money. Don’t expect a unique, hip, modern or very luxurious hotel but a simple, well-kept and rustic hotel that makes you feel like you’ve paid the right price for what you get.

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