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    5 Tips for Buying the Right Suitcase!

    5 Tips for Buying the Right Suitcase!

    Finding a good suitcase can sometimes be a very difficult and difficult task! Because the suitcase must be practical and also easy to carry. But above all big enough! And that’s why we give here some useful tips you should pay attention to when buying a (new) suitcase.

    1. Four wheels

    A suitcase with 4 wheels is just much easier and less heavy to transport. You can just drive it by pushing it. Unlike one with 2 wheels where you have to pull continuously. And we certainly wouldn’t buy a suitcase without wheels! In our case, that would make traveling very hard.

    2. Striking colour

    A striking colour is always useful and also easy when you need to find your valies among the other on arrival. Even if someone wanted to get your luggage, this is much more noticeable. Don’t you want to stand out too hard? Then you can also take a valies with a nice print or you hang a striking label on it.

    3. Hard or soft suitcase?

    That’s something that everyone has to decide for themselves. Do you want a suitcase that lasts a long time and guarantees more protection of your belongings? You might want to get a hard case. Do you want a suitcase that weighs very little and which you generally get more in because of its flexibility? Then it’s best to opt for a soft suitcase! We ourselves prefer a soft suitcase for short trips, simply because it weighs much less. And a hard suitcase is more convenient for long trips because it protects your stuff so well.

    4. Inside

    The outside of the suitcase is of course the most important thing, but the inside should not be underestimated! It is especially important that there is a adjuster inside that keeps your clothes neatly in place. And also that there is the possibility of separating things. For this, at least one partition separation is a must.

    5. TSA lock

    You can’t forget a lock on your luggage! And a good choice is a TSA slot. Especially if you’re traveling to the U.S., because every security guard at the airport has a key that fits this lock. If a check takes place, the agent can enter the luggage without breaking it. You’ll also find suitcases that contain this lock. If you were to travel within Europe, Asia or Africa, we recommend a figure lock. Just because you can’t get rid of the key to this. Never save on a lock! A good lock pays for itself!

    What about you?

    What type of Luggage do you take with you on a trip? Or do you have any other tips? Then let them know us for sure in the comments or on Facebook.

    Still looking for more tips? Take a look at our travel tips. Next Tuesday a new batch of tips. Hopefully until then!

    5 Tips for Buying the Right Suitcase!

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