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    Herfst in Luxemburg

    Road trip Luxembourg – The most beautiful places

    Road trip Luxembourg – The most beautiful places

    Luxembourg is a tiny but beautiful country in terms of nature. Not only is it a popular country for hikers but also for people who love to visit castles. Because there are many of them in Luxembourg. And the best? It is already a few hours drive from Belgium and the Netherlands. A trip or weekend away well worth it! Here we give you the most beautiful places you would like to visit during a road trip in Luxembourg.

    Vianden Castle

    If you don’t have much time or just want to visit one castle, let that be the castle of Vianden. This huge castle is situated in the middle of the town of Vianden but also among the greenery of the woods surrounding the castle. The castle is situated on a hill which makes it towering beautifully above the city. On the route there, you have the best view from a distance and you can take beautiful pictures. Of course, you can also visit the castle itself. That will cost you 7 euros per person. There, too, the view is magnificent.


    You might not think so, but Luxembourg also has waterfalls. Admittedly little ones but therefore no less beautiful! The Schiessentümpel waterfall near Müllerthal is fairytale. The area is particularly beautiful, especially in autumn. A small bridge, lined with ornate plants in the middle of a green oasis, leads you to the waterfalls. You can park nearby and you don’t have to walk far to visit the falls. For hikers who like to explore the area a bit more, there is plenty of challenge along the river or how about an ascent up to the nearby woods? This makes a nature lover very happy. An absolute highlight of a road trip in Luxembourg.

    Vianden Castle
    Tour trip Luxembourg

    National Park

    Since nature is so beautiful, it is of course not surprising that Luxembourg has a National Park. If you ask us, Luxembourg is simply one large National Park, but officially Luxembourg has three. We chose the Upper-Sûre National Park and are very happy that we made that choice. You can park at upper-sûre lake where you have breathtaking views of the lake that runs through the park. This image will make you pause for a moment. Of course, you can also drive further through the park or park the car and continue on foot. That last option we did too and found it to be one of the best experiences so close to home. You can also go to the Our and the Trois Frontières. All wonderful places to visit!

    Road trip Luxembourg

    Luxembourg, of course, still has many beautiful places, such as the many picturesque towns and villages, castles, castles and nature parks. But the spots above are our absolute favorites. You should definitely visit them on a road trip in Luxembourg. They are without a doubt the most beautiful places that Luxembourg has to offer. We wish you lots of fun on your next road trip!

    Would you like to do another city trip? Then we would like to give us our tips. Let us know in the comments what your favorite road trip is!

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    Pin: Roadtrip Luxembourg – The most beautiful places

    Road trip in Luxembourg

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