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    4 Tips to Save on Your Route on a Road Trip

    4 Tips to Save on Your Route on a Road Trip

    Save on your route, can you? You can, and more than you think. For example, on our road trip to the south of France we saved more than โ‚ฌ200 by just doing some research and planning our route properly. Below you can see 4 tips that you can also use to save on your route. Because every euro you save on your route is another bonus to get on holiday!

    4 Tips to Save on Your Itinerary

    1 Avoid toll roads

    The first tip is perhaps the most logical. Always try to avoid toll roads if possible. That doesn’t even have to be that hard, but you can just enter it into your GPS. Check how many kilometres you have to driveas a result, because of course it is not the intention to end up paying more on fuel. We did this calculation when we travelled to France with our caravan and we got to the South without driving a single toll road. We’ve saved a little bitas a result. We may have been on the road for four hours longer but we have also seen so much more than we would have seen on toll roads. For example, you will pass beautiful nature and nice villages where you can make a stopover. And we paid less for it.

    2 The right petrol stations

    It never hurts to look up where you can refuel at the most costly when planning your route. This can in many cases vary 10 cents per litre and sometimes even more. So it’s worth looking up anyway. Often the petrol stations on the motorways are also a lot more expensive than those on ordinary roads. If you really want to go far in saving, you can also start planning the refueling.

    save on your route
    make a road trip on budget

    3 Check the price

    When renting a car,always check what’s in the price. For example, there are a few Belgian and Dutch companies with which the full insurance is in the price but there are also there where you suddenly have to pay on the spot and that can sometimes be high. For example, in America we had to pay about 16 euros a day surcharge because we were not yet 25 years old. Fortunately, we had calculated this. But if you don’t know this, this could be a bit of a scare. Because of this extra cost we also always brought the car back to the rental organization if we stayed somewhere longer than two days. Because we didn’t really need the car in those days and it just became an extra cost. Our road trip through America was one with lots of different cars… But it did save us a lot of money.

    4 Make sure your car is in order

    The last tip you can make save on your route seems logical but is often forgotten. Make sure the car is in good order. For example, make sure that the tyre pressure of the car is good, because it has been proven that you use more with flatter tires. And so there are a lot of other things that you should check before you leave on a road trip. Even if it’s just to not have a breakdown on the way and to have to pay more on the way than at home. When renting a car this is usually fine. But it doesn’t hurt to check certain things again.

    What do you do to save on your route?

    And what do you do to save on your route? Do you have any additional tips for us? Let us know for sure in the commentsor on our Facebook page. Are you looking for more tips to plan your trip as cheaply as possible? Be sure to take a look at our Travel Tips.

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