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    5 tips to save on your trip with the caravan or camper

    5 tips to save on your trip with the caravan or camper

    At the moment we are in the USA and those who think of the USA automatically think about road tripping and that is exactly what we do. There is nothing more beautiful than a fun road trip with your camper or caravan. Unfortunately, this can sometimes cost a bit and especially if you travel as long as we do. That’s why we collected some tips to save on your trip with the caravan or camper. We’d love to share these tips with you now. Hopefully next time you can save money on your trip with the caravan or camper!

    1 The car

    A good preparation for your trip is very important. This way, it’s best to clean your car completely and take out everything that doesn’t belong in it. Less weight means less fuel consumption. What can certainly help is to pump your tyres again so that your car bolts much better and also consumes less fuel. Should you rent a car abroad, pay close attention to the conditions. Sometimes it may be that one car is much cheaper than the other, but a mileage fee is charged. And then it often comes out more expensive! So check this carefully and don’tdecide too quickly. There’s plenty of choice.

    2 Avoids toll roads

    Avoiding toll roads is in most cases the best way to save money when travelling in a caravan or camper van. We ourselves hardly ever drive through toll roads and this has already taken us to many beautiful locations that we would not have seen otherwise. But of course you have to want it, because often this is driving longer. Mind you, it’s not always cheaper! Make sure the cost of the toll road outweighs the extra fuel you need. It’s also best to check whether you need a road vignette for a country. If so, it is best to order this via the computer. This will also save you a few euros.

    3 Water

    You should also not overload your caravan or camper van with things that are not necessary. Because all that weight you drag along and therefore you cost extra fuel. Take water,for example. Many people fill their water bottles and water bowls completelybefore they leave , but actually this is no longer necessary. At almost every campsite you can now provide yourself with clean water. And often this clean water is still included in the price of your camping place. So you save water and fuel at home. So it’s worth taking into account.

    first trip with the camper
    Camper in Germany
    save on your trip

    4 CampingCard ACSI

    Perhaps the best tip is the CampingCard ACSI. This card gives you a discount at 3300 affiliated campsites in the pre- or post-season. After showing your card at the campsite, you pay one of the low fixed rates 11, 13, 15, 17 or 19 euros. Often this can save you even half the total amount. This map also includes an easy guide with all the campsites in it. You can easily buy this card and guide for a small amount on the CampingCard website.

    5 Take-away actions

    If you rentyour own camper van or caravan , for example in the USA, this does not have to cost a lot of money. There are nowadays giveaways. These are companies that want to bring their new camper from one city to another. And you can take advantage of that! These companies offer their motorhomes for a bargain price so you can take them from one city to another. Only your starting point and arrival point are fixed. In between, you get to choose what you do and where you go. For example, for 561 euros/person, including your flights, you can now take a camper van for 17 days and then take it from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, for example. A nice price for a nice road trip in a new camper. Check here for yourself if there is a transfer action for your trip.

    Saving on your trip?

    These were our tips to save on your trip with the caravan or camper. Of course, there are other tips to be found. If you have one more, we would like to hear this in the comments or on our Facebook page.

    Next Tuesday there will be a whole host of new tips that might make your next holiday a lot more enjoyable. Until then! If you can’t wait until then, you can always take a look at our other travel tips.

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