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    6 useful tips for sleeping on a plane!

    6 useful tips for sleeping on a plane!

    Today we discuss 6 useful tips for sleeping on a plane. Sleeping on a plane is not always easy, but sometimes you really need to when you’re
    on the road
    for a long time. Especially on a long flight. We ourselves sometimes have problems with this and these tips certainly come in handy. We hope they help you equally!

    1. Wear easy clothes

    A logical tip perhaps, but we still see people (especially older people) dressing chic to take a plane. This is really not necessary! And also not useful on a long trip of more than 5 hours. We usually just wear loose pants or sweatpants and a sweater. Certainly not exciting attire. Sleep is much better in comfortable clothing!

    2. Don’t eat too much

    Try not to overeat before you fly. This way you will be able to sleep much better. Trying to sleep with a full stomach is much harder. We made this mistake a few times ourselves and ate a hearty meal just before we got on the plane. As a result, sleeping with bloating could not be achieved. It is best to eat a large amount of time before you leave or just before you leave a piece of fruit to satisfy the hunger. And if you still get hungry, you can always order something to eat on the plane.

    3. Your seat

    Your seat can also play an important role in whether or not you can sleep. If you’re going to make a long flight, we recommend you choose your place yourself. Because at the window, you sleep better. Just because no one has to pass you to take anything out of their luggage or go to the toilet. Also make sure that you are not too close to the wings, because with older devices there may be more noise.

    4. Travel cushions

    Travel pillows don’t have to cost a lot of money. Don’t hesitate to buy this, because it just really helps you sleep better. You don’t have any neck pain afterwards thanks to a pillow like that. Nowadays there are already pillows that you can blow up and then let off again so that they do not take up much space in your luggage. Also bringing a blanket can always be useful to make it extra cozy.

    5. Eye patches and earplugs

    Another good and logical tip for sleeping in a plane is to just completely shut you down from the outside world. This can be done with eye patches and earplugs, and these too do not have to cost much money. Some people use soft music to shut themselves off from all other sounds. With us, this works less. We opt for eye patches and earplugs.

    6. A sleeping pilla

    You can also always buy a sleeping pill and take it at the start of the flight. Be careful that you are familiar with this and take the right dose. This tip should be the absolute last step! Because, of course, this is not really healthy. Always avoid alcohol and caffeine as this does not help with sleep!

    Do you have any tips for sleeping on a plane?

    These were our 6 tips for sleeping soundly on a plane. Do you have any other tips we should try? Please let us know in the comments.

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