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    Je smartphone goedkoop in buitenland - Peru

    4 tips to use your smartphone cheaply abroad

    4 tips to use your smartphone cheaply abroad

    Although you no longer have to pay roaming charges within Europe, you still have to pay it outside europe. Just keep using your smartphone becomes a costly joke. Especially if you use the internet to order an Uber, for example. Here we give you some tips to avoid crazy costs with your smartphone abroad.

    Your smartphone abroad

    1 Contact your provider

    The first step you should always take is to contact your provider. Because for example, there are providers like Orange where you can buy a package that allows you to make free calls outside Europe and even in some cases also have the internet. In the other and most common case, you’ll need to ask your carrier to block your number during your trip. This prevents unexpected costs afterwards. Because simply using a smartphone abroad can get serious, often without you even not even not knowing it.

    2 Buy Local Number

    You can also purchase a local number at your destination that you can also use on the internet. In fact, in countries like Mexico, this is very cheap. There you pay 20 euros for a month unlimited on the internet. If you want a number to call with, please note that you are taking a subscription where you can call abroad. These subscriptions can often be found at the airport,but are more expensive than the regular subscriptions. If possible, you should postpone your purchase until you can go to a local store for a SIM card.

    3 Whatsapp and Messenger

    Nowadays, every hotel or airbnb in the world has a good Wi-Fi connection. In that case, you can keep in touch with the home front especially with apps like WhatsApp and Messenger. These work perfectly via Wi-Fi and you can also callwith them nowadays. The disadvantage is that you can only use this in your (hotel) room or in (public) places where you have wifi like in a restaurant for example. So to be able to order an Uber taxi in this way is always a risk because you don’t know where wi-fi will be in advance. This is the cheapest way to use your smartphone abroad.

    4 Buy Prepaid for emergency

    You can also purchase a prepaid card in your home country before you leave. You only use this card for emergencies. So you are sure that you can call if necessary, but that you will never pay too much afterwards. Because if your card is empty, your money runs out and the possibility of calling or texting stops. Please note that this prepaid works outside Europe if you are travelling outside Europe. This is not very cheap, because with 20 euros you don’t get as long as you have to call. But you do avoid bigger costs on your subscription.

    What do you do with your smartphone abroad?

    What do you do with your smartphone abroad to reduce costs as much as possible? Let us know for sure in the comments of on our Facebook page.

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