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    4 tips for finding discounts and selling from airlines

    4 tips for finding discounts and selling from airlines

    Nothing like being able to buy a cheap plane ticket. Only finding these tickets is not always easy! For example, there are some periods where you can buy a ticket cheaper. These sales or sales to airlines are only a few times a year so knowing when these traps are is very important. This way you will soon get your plane ticket at a very advantageous rate!

    Solding at Airlines

    1 The right period

    Almost all airline sales fall within Europe during the same period. That is, in January and September, this because these airlines want to lose all their free places for the mid-season. An empty place wants to avoid everyone. Nowadays you can also find an offer outside of these two months, but it will always be less large in comparison.

    2 Register on the right websites

    Signing up for the mailing list that sends offers is not a bad idea either. So every airline has such a list. In addition, you can also register on independent websites such as Travelunlimited where you get real offers and no advertising. Also using skyscanner’s price alarm never hurts. When the price is at its lowest for your destination, you will receive an e-mail. The sales at the airline will then come directly into your mailbox.

    3 No popular choices

    Airline sales will rarely, if ever, fall into the popular holiday months. Waiting or searching for discounted tickets during these periods is therefore almost unstarted work. As well as popular airfares to a destination like New York, you hardly ever go back with a discount. If there is one, you’d better book it right away! So if you are bound by the holiday periods, you can only follow the tip above (tip 2) and hope for a small discount.

    4 Roadtrippers of the Sun

    You can also keep our website high because we also share the offers of the week every Sunday. These offers are not sponsored so also these offers are advertising-free. In addition, you can also find some tips on our website on how to find a cheap plane ticket yourself. You can also contact us at any time if you have a problem when booking one of our offers.

    Selling to airlines, what do you do?

    What are you doing to track down the sales at airlines? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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