We are currently in Mexico and there they speak Spanish. That is why we like to examine the sayings of this beautiful language. And those sayings are numerous! Below we give the 7 most original Spanish sayings. These sayings will make you long for southern temperatures. Just practice on the pronunciation and you’re all set to use them on your next trip! Here are the 7 Spanish sayings.

1. Al mal tiempo, buena cara.

We know this saying as ‘Make the best of it’.
Al mal tiempo, buena cara
literally wants to say translated that you have to put on a happy face in bad weather. Do they ever have bad weather in sunny Spain?

Spanish sayings cara

2. No hay mal que por bien no venga.

We know this saying as ‘Every disadvantage has its advantage’. No hay mal que por bien no venga wants to literally translate to say ‘there is nothing bad from which something good does not come’. And that’s absolutely right!

Spanish gezegden_ venga

3. Barriga llena, corazón contento.

We do not really know this saying in Dutch. It means “Full stomach, happy heart.” One that looks like it to us is“The love of the man goes through the stomach”. The bottom line is that good food makes you happy!

Spanish gezegden_ contento

4. No hay mayor dificultad que la poca voluntad.

We know this saying as‘Where there is a will, there is a way’. The saying in Spanish rhymes perfectly and that makes it a tad more beautiful than our saying. Don’t you think?

Spanish gezegden_ voluntad

5. Él que tiene boca se equivoca.

Another one that sounds nice is this one. In Dutch we use‘Speaking is silver, silence is gold’. A good advice that sounds very nice in Spanish!

Spanish gezegden_ boca

6. Más vale tarde que nunca.

The literal Dutch translation is‘Better late than never’. This is also a common saying for us.

Spanish sayings nunca

7. La esperanza alegra el alma.

We also know this Spanish saying in Dutch. Literally it wants to say‘Hope does life’. A nice saying to close this list with.

Spanish sayings alma


What do you think of these Spanish sayings?

Do you also think that these 7 Spanish sayings sound so much nicer than in Dutch? At least we do! We’re already practicing on the verdict. By google translate is a good help with! Bet if you use these proverbs on your next trip you’ll surprise everyone?

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