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    5 Tips for properly stalling your caravan

    5 Tips for properly stalling your caravan

    Winter winter is slowly approaching so there are many people who put their caravan in the stable for a while to survive the winter well. This way they protect their caravan to be able to travel with it again next year. We ourselves are also such people and we found out that it is not only putting your caravan in the garage that is important, but that you also have to pay attention to a number of things and we discuss them with you here. Good luck with these 5 tips for stableing your caravan!

    5 tips for properly stalling your caravan

    1 Do not put handbrake on

    The most common mistake when stableing your caravan is that the handbrake is put on. It is actually allowed to stand up for a maximum of one month and that is actually quite long. Because if you let this get up longer, it can get stuck by rust(even if it’s inside). So preferably secure the caravan in a different way. You can do this by, for example, putting logs against the wheels. Isn’t the handbrake jammed? Then anti-rust or a van of lubrication oil can help you… Although you have to be careful not to use too much.

    2 Get all the water out

    Remove all the water from the pipes and tank, this can get very dirty if you don’t do this. Is your caravan in a place where it can freeze? Then it is not only recommended but also very much necessary! Because if this water freezes in the pipes, you can start replacingall the pipes after the winter. And of course you don’t want to!

    3 Remove the battery

    Is your caravan in a place that can freeze it? Then it is recommended to also take the battery out and put it in a warm place. A battery that has to withstand freezing temperatures and is not used loses a lot of its power and life. And is probably completely flat when you want to use it again.

    4 Pump your tires a little harder

    When stableing your caravan, it is also recommended to pump your tyres a little harder than you normally pump them. This prevents the tyres of the caravan from getting a flat spot due to the long standing. It is recommended to turn them up from 0.5 to 2.0 bar. You can check out the right tyre pressure for your caravan here.

    5 Open up a few things

    There are a few things you should open up to avoid unpleasant odors. That’s how you put some windows ajar. When you have a flying window, you can open it reasonably open. However, if this is not the case, do not open them too far, to avoid pests. Also open the door of your refrigerator to prevent mold. And when you have a bathroom, it’s best to open this door.

    What do you do when you park your caravan?

    Of course, there are still a lot of tips that you can apply when stableing your caravan. For example, you can treat your caravan with talcum powder or vaseline but that’s if you like to give extra attention to your caravan. Our 5 tips are rather essential. Let us know if you have any essential tips for stableing your caravan. You can do this below in the comments or on our Facebook page.

    More tips for travelling here. More interested in our travel stories? Be sure to take a look at our blog. Have fun travelling!

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