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    6 Things We Always Take With Us When Taking Photos

    6 Things We Always Take With Us When Taking Photos

    As a travel blogger, we not only love to travel, but we also enjoy taking pictures of all the beauty we come across along the way. There are a number of things we always take with us when we want to take pictures on a trip or on a day trip. They are things that you may not (yet) use and can inspire you to take better pictures. We’d like to list them for you in a handy list.

    1 Camera

    Obviously it starts taking nice pictures with a good camera. For us, a good camera is a camera that is convenient to use and that takes razor-sharp pictures. Of course, it also helps to know something about photography. We are also still learning and hope to get better at this. A custom lens on your device can also work wonders. So don’t think too quickly that your camera is out of date, but try out a new lens first!

    2 Smartphone

    A good camera is very important for us to take beautiful pictures, but at least as important is a decent smartphone with a good camera. With our smartphone (a Samsung Galaxy) we also take pictures, for example of the surroundings, so that we can use them quickly on social media such as Instagram. We also often make movieswith our smartphone. As a travel blogger, making “stories” has become very important today and we still usually make them with the camera of our smartphone.

    3 Drone

    Recently we bought a drone and we are so happy with this purchase! We use our drone to take pictures of an impressive environment. After all, from the air, the world looks different. And we’d like to share this world with you, too. Since we are still practicing and experimenting with this, you may not have come across any drone photos here. That will change in the future!

    Taking photos with the dji Osmo

    4 Osmo Mobile 2

    We have recently invested not only in a drone, but also in the Osmo Mobile 2. This is a gadget that allows you to create shock-free images with your smartphone. So it is mainly to be used to film with your smartphone. It delivers beautiful images and there are a number of features that are ideal for travel photography. So we always take this gadget with us when we are in beautiful locations.

    5 Laptop

    To select and edit selecteren our photos in the end,we always use our laptop. On a big screen, you’ll see mistakes and impurities faster. It is therefore advisable to take your laptop with you everywhere so that you can immediately check whether your photo is good or not. If not, you can make a few more attempts until the image is as desired.

    6 Batteries

    For all our electronics we always bring a spare battery. For example, our drone can only fly for 12 minutes. Then it is useful to have an extra battery because it is virtually impossible to have the perfect image after 12 minutes. Unless of course you specialize in taking drone photos, but still it is useful to bring extra batteries so you can experiment a bit and there is no time pressure. Even with other appliances, an extra battery is not an unnecessary luxury.

    What do you take with you when you start taking pictures?

    It is not easy to always take all this material with you on our trips and trips. Nevertheless, we think it is important to take beautiful pictures and that’s why we like to take this “burden” with it.

    Do you think our list is too extensive or just not? What do you take on a trip with you if you want to take pictures? Let us know in the comments!

    Want to learn more about how to learn how to take better photos? Or do you want more free travel tips? This way you will soon travel more efficiently and more relaxedly. Have fun!

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