Have you ever heard of the tamarillo? We also haven’t yet visited supermarket Grand Frais in the South of France. In this supermarket they have different kinds of strange fruits from southern countries. The tamarillo looked special and we couldn’t resist to taste.

Origin of the tarmarillo

The tamarillo comes from Peru , in particular the Andes mountains, and is related to the tomato and potato because of its inflorescence. It grows on a plant and is grown in tropical areas. Also in Belgium it can survive provided sufficient sun. For example, you can grow the tamarillo on your windowsill.

Tamarillo is a composition of ‘Amarillo’ which means ‘yellow’ and the ‘T’ stands for tomato. It’s a name that comes from New Zealand. It is also said‘boomtomaat’ against the tamarillo.


This fruit is often red or yellow in color and has an egg-shaped structure. The fruit is about 10 cm in size and 5 cm wide. The flesh inside is also red or orange in color and has black seeds.


Although the tamarillo is related to the tomato and potato, it tastes anything but so. In our opinion, the fruit belongs more in the row of fruit instead of vegetables. It has a combined taste that you can compare with the taste of passion fruit (the middle part) and mango (the rest part). It has a distinct sour taste. The peel is fairly hard, bitter and not that tasty. It is a fruit that will amaze you in terms of taste, but we have not been able to give it a try again.

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