Here we will introduce you to the 4 most fun activities in Hasselt. It’s a concise selection of what’s on display in this beautiful city. They are our favorite recommendations. Meet Hasselt’s greatest assets.

Trumps of Hasselt

1 Gin feasts

If you think of Hasselt, you think of gin and speculaas. These are two specialties that are all about in Hasselt and especially during the gin festivals in October. During these celebrations, the centre of Hasselt is transformed into a paradise for the gin lover. There are countless stalls with drinks, but also with homemade speculaas. This speculaas is delicious! Worth a taste. There are also performances,many street musicians, street theatre and parades to see. It’s a cosy bustle. More info about the gin parties can be found here.

2 Shopping and eating

In Hasselt, the shopaholic is sure to get his money’s worth. There are truly countless beautiful shops. From exclusive boutiques to large chains like Primark, H&M and Zara. It is a true paradise for those who like to stroll for hours along the shops. Those who have become thirsty or hungry from all that shopping can choose from many unique things. Our recommendations are El Bocado and Unico. In both cases you can eat tapas or opt for a ‘bigger’ dish. Both things prepare their food fresh and you can taste it! Pure, Southern, flavors that are delicious with a glass of wine or a homemade cocktail. Who can resist that?

Gin parties in Hasselt
Cooking during the gin feasts

3 Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden in Hasselt is among the largest and most beautiful in Europe. This is where you really come to rest. You can visit the garden with a guide or without. A guide is recommended when you like to know the symbolism of the garden. The Japanese Garden is a wonderful spot of nature that the Limburgers are proud of. And rightly so. On November 20th, the Japanese Garden celebrates its 25th anniversary. Various activities are planned for this, which you can find on

4 Museums

Hasselt has several museums. You have the Jenever Museum,the Fashion Museum, the City Sparrow,the Carillon Tower, etc. All interesting museums with different angles. Are you religious or do you prefer fashion? There’s definitely something for everyone.

Drinking coctails in Hasselt
Street musicians in Belgium

Your Opinion on Hasselt?

Do you have any recommendations that you should definitely see or do in Hasselt? Let us know for sure. Does Hasselt look like nothing to you? Here you will definitely find a nice city for your next city trip.

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