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    The best of 2019 – Annual Review

    The best of 2019 – Annual Review

    The end of a year. What’s more, the end of a decade. With a view to 2020, we would like to look back on the past year one last time. We have poured the best moments on the trip of the past year into a nice annual overview. Do you travel back in time? And among the best of 2019.

    First ski trip

    2019 we started with a first ski trip to Austria. Not only a first experience with skiing was waiting for us, but also a first ride with the camper through winter landscape. The ride ended up being better than the skiing itself. After ten falls, we had enough. Give us maa die après-ski! You can read our full story of this winter holiday here.

    Holidays in November Austria

    Porto in Portugal

    Our first, more Southern, trip in 2019 was a trip to Porto in Portugal. Here we enjoyed the first rays of the year and drank Porto on a terrace on the Douro. One of the most fun, laid-back trips of the past year for us. Porto has surprised us in many ways. It is a romantic city and the area around it is beautiful. Highly recommended as a city trip!

    Porto in Portugal

    Discovering South Africa

    Not much later we left for South Africa. A warmer climate where we are earthing much better. Of course, we didn’t just go so far for the beautiful weather. There is so much to see and do and the views are insane. It promised to be one of our most beautiful journeys ever. The landscape there is nothing compared to anything else. On top of that we did our first safari and that experience is one that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. We can actually recommend a trip to South Africa to anyone.

    Lioness in South Africa


    Just before the summer, in May and June, we started exploring Caribbean. We first traveled to Cuba, which we were not entirely impressed by, by going to the Bahamas to then ending up in Jamaica. This was a fantastic trip. We’ve seen so many beautiful places. Any downside? The cost. Because no matter how low-budget you try to live here, it’s still a costly picture. Not that it’s not worth going there, but in hindsight it certainly wasn’t our prettiest trip. It’s the most expensive one yet.

    Cheap in the Bahamas

    Summer vacation

    In the summer the weather in our home country belgium was excellent and so we stayed at home in July. Well, we rarely sit at home, so we went out to get to know places closer to home. In Belgium and the Netherlands there are beautiful cities and nature parks to see. We also discovered gems in Luxembourg. Travel doesn’t always have to be expensive and not expensive at all. That made 2019 clear for us.

    Tour trip Luxembourg waterfall

    Family holiday

    Greece had been on our bucket list within Europe for some time and in August the moment was finally there. We went on a family holiday to Crete! As far as we are concerned, already the most beautiful island in Greece. The sea there is beautiful and also the cities there are very photogenic. Although we were only there for a good week, it was definitely one of the most beautiful weeks of 2019. Socialise with family, enjoy the beautiful weather and the beautiful island.

    On the beach in Crete. best of 2019

    Surprising city trip

    Another country we were impressed with in Europe is Sweden. We discovered here mainly Stockholm and what a fantastic city this is! If you are looking for a fun, engaging city trip this is definitely a must. There are plenty of culture and attractions but also beautiful nature. On top of that, we were impressed by the ins and outs of public transport. That is in Sweden to the last detail. We hope that Belgium will be inspired by this soon.

    Stockholm Streetscape

    Road trip Italy

    After a warm summer, we went out in September by car. Italy is an incredibly beautiful country and taking a road trip was the best option to see as much as possible on site. We drove up to Tuscany and visited quite a few Italian cities under which Siena was our favorite. What a pearl! Tuscany itself surprised us and we want to go back now. We have yet to visit the south of Italy, and this is also on the agenda for the coming years.

    Road trip Italy Braies

    Road trip Normandy

    After a successful road trip in Italy, we had a good taste. We decided to take another (short) road trip to France. Admittedly to beautiful, rough Normandy. It was also during the weekend of Armistice Day that we were there which made the experience all the more special. We are completely upside down from the wild nature of Normandy. So close to home and yet so special. The absolute highlight was seeing Mont Saint Michel. Beautiful!

    Mont Saint-Michel in Normandie. The best of 2019

    Last-minute to the sun

    The plan was to stay at home in November and December, with the exception of a few trips. But after having had enough of the drizzly weather in Belgium, we decided to take another trip last-minute. With a view to an expensive December month in terms of festivities, it should not be an overpriced trip. The only requirement? Warm weather and yet some culture. Egypt was the ideal destination! A week before booking the trip we left already. The weather there was beautiful. Who doesn’t enjoy 25 degrees and more in December? A pleasant trip with the necessary relaxation for the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

    Sigridofthesun Africa. the best of 2019

    The best of 2019 – Overview

    In terms of travel, 2019 was a good year for us. We have visited more than 12 new countries. For all the flights we’ve taken, we’d like to give back. We are very aware that this is very bad for our planet. If you have any tips to compensate for the CO2 emissions, you can always let us know in the comments.

    New Year 2020

    We look forward to a fantastic new year. A new era in which chasing dreams is paramount and we can find good luck and love. We wish this to you. Make it a beautiful new year!

    We are already putting the new year in good arra next. Very soon we will be going on a new adventure towards Peru. In February it is Jordan’s turn. You can also follow our trips via Facebook and Instagram.

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