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All the wines we are going to discuss here are the wines we personally like best. We take a closer look at better-known but also unknown wines. We do not think that an expensive bottle is automatically the best bottle. There are still a lot of fine wines that are less well known. Here you will find a selection of our favourite wines that the Côte d’Azur has to offer.

Côte d’Azur

The Côte d’Azur region is best known for its rosé wines. If you know that 39 percent of the rosé wines in the world come from this region, Provence, then you know that there is a lot of rosé here. This is the wine that is most commonly produced in this region and you should definitely have tried it.

Domaine Du Blavet Wine
Moulin Rosé Wine

Domaine du Blavet

We’ll start with a red wine. It’s not the best red wine we’ve ever had, but it still belongs in this list! It is a wine that everyone likes with a very neutral taste but still delicious tasting. Even if it’s a heavy wine. Which might be just a little too heavy to drink at dinner. It is definitely recommended if you want to drink red wine earlier. You pay about 4 euros per bottle. Which is also good!

Le Moulin de Bissat Rosé

This rosé wine is very light and bright in color. If you keep it in the light, you’d say it’s a white wine. This wine is very fruity and drinks very easily. Maybe a little too easy… With this wine, you don’t have such a strong aftertaste. It is a very suitable wine for eating. The price is also very good, namely 3 euros for a bottle. This is also the reason why this wine has made this list.

Chateau de Cabran

This is a delicious rosé wine that has a bitter aftertaste. It has light air bubbles which might be weird for a wine, but this certainly doesn’t bother you. You have 2 types of this wine but we like the cuvée just a little bit better. You can also tell by the price. We paid 10.50 euros for a bottle. You can also taste wine at Chateau de cabron. This is free and a fun getaway. The farm is easy to find because of the large signs indicating the place. The owners are also very friendly and proud of what they make.

Pink Rosé

Our absolute favourite rosé wine: the PINK rosé. It is a very sweet and soft wine that fits perfectly with the dessert. Or during the day on a sunny terrace. The alcohol in this wine does not taste so strongly. This way the drinking goes smoothly and pleasantly. If you are near Fréjus you must have definitely tasted it! It is a wine of Château Paquette. You can also visit this farm for free. You can taste some wines and have a nice chat with the owner, who presents his wines to you with great passion and enthusiasm. The farm is hard to find without GPS.

Your opinion?

Because we know that for many people tastes can be different, we would like to hear what you think is the best wine from this region.

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Chateau de Cabran

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